"Windmills - their Construction and Mechanics. An Illustrated Study" Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
TREM-WCM-00 Title page and contents Item 2002 View
TREM-WCM-05 Chapter 5 - The windmill's sails in all their variety Item 2002 View
TREM-WCM-08 Chapter 8 - Stone dressing, meal conditioning and millwrighting Item 2002 View
TREM-WCM-07 Chapter 7 - The drive from wallower to millstone Item 2002 View
TREM-WCM-09 Chapter 9 - Drainage windpumps Item 2002 View
TREM-WCM-10 Chapter 10 - Bibliography, glossary and index Item 2002 View
TREM-WCM-01 Chapter 1 - The development of milling, and of windmills in particular Item 2002 View
TREM-WCM-02 Chapter 2 - The post mill, its roundhouse and winding gear Item 2002 View
TREM-WCM-03 Chapter 3 - The tower and smock mill and the cap Item 2002 View
TREM-WCM-04 Chapter 4 - Winding the windmill, from tailpole to fantail Item 2002 View
TREM-WCM-06 Chapter 6 - The windshaft, brake and brake wheel and the sack hoist Item 2002 View