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" "Bouncing Bessie" mill"

Photo with caption from 'The Birmingham Post' showing the tower mill at Rowington Green, Warks, that used to have a companion nearby that was known as 'Grinning Jenny'.

" "Jill" was more expensive"

Note in the 'Mid Sussex Times' how Cuckfield Rural District Council were finding it much more expensive to complete the repairs they had begun when agreeing to have the sweeps removed from the Jill windmill.

" 'Cuppa' in the Windmill"

Illustration from the 'Newcastle Evening Chronicle' explaining how the Parks Superintendent Mr James Riley has been asked to turn the shell of Whickham Windmill into a tea-room.

" 'Last' mill to be home'

Article in the Brighton 'Evening Argus' about the decision by the Corporation's Planning Committee to grant Mrs Christiansen outline permission to convert Patcham windmill into a home. There is also an historical note about Ballards...

" 'No' to windmill plan"

Note in the 'Doncaster Chronicle' that the Rural Council's planning committee had rejected Mr S. L. Webb's application to turn the disused windmill at Cantley into a home.

""Sails to come"

Drawing by G Gordon Scott of Herne Bay smock mill, accompanying article recording the local Society raising £3,700 to restore it.

"'Curse' on windmill treasure"

Cutting from 'Sunday Mercury' about the possibility of destroying Temple Normanton windmill, currently converted to flats. There is a story of treasure hidden in an underground tunnel which caused the death of miners who searched for it.

"'Do-gooders' blamed"

Cutting from 'The Chronicle' of an article by Jim Brakell describing the cancellation of plans for restoration of Willaston Windmill by Wayne Colquhoun as a result of protests by local residents. The article also contains more details ab...

"'Keep mill' plea"

Cutting from 'Evening News' describing Mr. Fred Woodbridge's appeal to the Bedfordshire County Council to preserve Stevington Mill.

"'Last' mill to be home"

Cutting from an unknown source of an article by Leonard Knowles describing the conversion of Patcham tower windmill into a house. The article cites Mrs. M. K. Christiansen as the applicant for planning permission, and also gives a detailed history...

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