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Cutting from 'The Herald' of an article by Henfrey Smail describing the restoration efforts on windmills in Sussex according to recommendations made by the County Planning Committee of West Sussex County Council. This article focuses on ...

Opening of milling museum at Polegate Windmill

Cutting from 'Sussex Express and County Herald' about the opening of a milling museum at the Polegate Windmill. The opening was carried out by Rex Wailes, and the article also mentions a model windmill, made by Mr. Frank Gregory, as an e...

"A model windmill"

Cutting from 'West Sussex Gazette' describing the building of a model windmill by Mr. Archibald Palmer, modeled on old Avisford mill. The article gives a brief history of Avisford mill, including various millers who were responsible for ...

"Friends of the Mill scheme inaugurated"

Cutting from 'The Recorder' describing the inauguration of the Friends of the Mill scheme at Upminster Windmill in Essex. The article mentions the inauguration being carried out by Essex County Council chairman Frank Foster, and also out...

"Famous landmark goes"

Cutting from 'Kentish Express' describing the collapse of a mill in Hougham. It was owned by Benjamin C. Tanton and the destruction was witnessed by Mr. Jack G. Gausden. The article also gives a brief history of the mill.

"The Mill sails may turn again"

Cutting from 'The Reporter' of an article by Margaret Collingwood describing efforts to restore Meopham Mill in Kent by the Friends of Meopham Mill. The article provides a history of the mill and its functions throughout the years, as we...

"Old Jack gets his wind back"

Cutting from 'The Sunday Times' of an article describing efforts to restore the Jack windmill in Clayton by Universal Pictures in preparation for filming a movie starring Michael Caine. Millwrights Edwin and Anthony Hole were charged wit...

"Jack and Jill are up the hill"

Cutting from 'Financial Times' of an article by Jenny Luesby describing the history of the Jack and Jill windmills in Sussex and the involvement of local Simon Potter in their upkeep. The article provides details such as dates the mills ...

"Friends help to keep the old mill in fine shape"

Cutting from an unknown source describing a meeting of Friends of Meopham Mill presided over by Mr. Alex Evans about the restoration of Meopham Mill in Kent. The article goes over details of the fundraising and restoration effort, and outlines the...

"Ancient mill destroyed by fire"

Cutting from 'Kent Messenger'describing the destruction of Black Windmill at Barham by a fire. The article mentions that the county council agreed to pay part of the £7000 required for repairs and also includes a brief history of the mil...

"The wind blows away romance"

Cutting from an unknown source by John Waddell about an attempt to sell a windmill in Sussex by owner and miller Caleb Wright and his son Bob. The article also outlines the way in which windmills are becoming outdated and being replaced by more mo...

"Famous mill collapses"

Cutting from 'Kent Messenger' describing the collapse of West Hougham windmill on Mill Farm, owned by Messrs. Benjamin and Ernest Tanton. The collapsed was witnessed by Mr. T. J. Gaudsen. The article also outlines a brief history of the ...

"Sacks appeal"

Cutting from an unknown source of an article by Chris Arnot describing Green's Mill in Nottingham. The article outlines the history of the mill, and the involvement of mathematical pioneer George Green. The article also looks at the restorati...

"Old Broadwater Mill memories"

Cutting from 'Worthing Gazette' of an entry by Mrs. H. S. Bone thanking the editor of the Gazette for an article related to Broadwater Mill. In it she mentions her grandfather, the late Charles Carter, was the millwright.

Smuggler's hiding places in mills

Cutting from an unknown source of a drawing and brief description by James E. Martin illustrating a smuggler's possible hiding place at the watermill on Bailey's Farm in Coolham.

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