Windmill photographs Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
REXW-IMG-05-153 Wicken Fen Mill, Cambridgeshire, England Item No date
REXW-IMG-05-154 West Blatchington Windmill, Sussex, England Item No date
REXW-IMG-05-160 Cherry Clack Mill, Punnett’s Town, Sussex, England Item No date
REXW-IMG-05-161 Medmerry Mill, Selsey, Sussex, England Item No date
REXW-IMG-05-172 Interior, Jill Mill, Clayton, Sussex Item August 1952
REXW-IMG-05-173 Interior, Berney Arms, Norfolk Item 1953
REXW-IMG-05-174 Interior, Argos Hill Mill, Mayfield, Sussex Item August 1952
REXW-IMG-05-187 Medmerry Mill, Selsey, Sussex Item May 1953
REXW-IMG-05-194 Tail pole and winding winch, No 4 Mill, Halvergate Marsh, Norfolk Item Undated
REXW-IMG-05-205 Bembridge Windmill, Main shaft on stone floor Item June 1957
REXW-IMG-05-206 Bembridge Windmill, brake wheel and wallower Item June 1957
REXW-IMG-05-208 Windmill at Szentes, Csongrad Megye, Hungary Item Undated
REXW-IMG-05-209 Molino Catalina, Vejer de la Frontera, Spain Item June 1931
REXW-IMG-05-211 Argos Hill, Mayfield, Sussex Item Undated
REXW-IMG-05-226 Model of a post mill Item [August 1953?]
REXW-IMG-05-228 Model of a post mill - side view Item [August 1953?]
REXW-IMG-05-229 Model of a post mill - rear view Item [August 1953?]
REXW-IMG-05-235 Parts/machinery for a model of a post mill Item [August 1953?]
REXW-IMG-05-239 Photograph of a postcard showing, "Bivouac of Burnside's Army, Roanoke Island", North Carolina and, "Jarvis Farm Hospital" Item [1957?]
REXW-IMG-05-241 Drawing of the interior of a Fulling Mill Item Undated
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