The Soundy Family Collection Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
SNDY-03 Notice of dissolution of partnership Item 18 March 1890 View
SNDY-04 Promissory note Item 25 March 1890 View
SNDY-06 Deed of partnership between W H Soundy and H P Soundy Item 31 March 1937 View
SNDY-01 Deed of Partnership between Eisdell and Soundy Item 18 May 1861 View
SNDY-08 Agreement for sale of assets Item 1957 View
SNDY-09 Certificate from Wallingford Market to W H Soundy Item 11 December 1930 View
SNDY-10 Roller milling machinery at Abbey Mills, Reading Item Early 20th century
SNDY-11 Notes on the Soundys and Abbey Mills Item c 2010 View
SNDY-02 Lease of Abbey Mills Item 24 June 1871 View
SNDY-07 Supplemental partnership deed between W H Soundy and H P Soundy Item 20 May 1938 View
SNDY-05 Articles of Co-Partnership between Samuel M Soundy and William Henry Soundy Item 18 June 1890 View