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Steam mills

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Probate of the will of Thomas Ellerby, miller and baker, Bishopwearmouth, Sunderland

2 sheets of vellum measuring approx. 63 x 54 cm (with seal), comprising probate documents reproducing the will of Thomas Ellerby, miller and baker of Bishopwearmouth, County Durham. The will and codicils included the bequest of "the steam mill and appurtenances thereto......used in the concern of Miller & Baker" as well as a foundry and numerous dwellings in the area around Bishopwearmouth and Sunderland. The will was dated 10th February 1815, with two codicils dated 16th and 18th October 1817.

Notes - "On R.W. Paper"

Taken from a paper, presumably by Rex Wailes, Nicholls notes "R.W.'s" observations on wind power in Antigua, Barbados, Curacao, Montserrat, St [Vincent], the British Virgin Islands, Grenada, St Kitts & Nevis and Jamaica. Steam power in Cuba is noted as being in use in 1797.

Nicholls, David, (1938 - 2020) millwright

Mortgage of a Corn Mill, Hempshaw Lane, Stockport

4 sheets of vellum measuring approx. 74 cm x 63 cm, comprising a mortgage of a plot of land, including a Corn Mill and related buildings and equipment, at Hempshaw Lane, Stockport. The parties to the mortgage are James Cookson, shopkeeper of Stockport, Roger Rowson Lingard, gentleman of Heaton Norris and George Gill, book keeper, also of Heaton Norris.

Photographs of Mills in the Macclesfield Area

  • PMMA
  • Collection
  • 1960s (copies) - 2010s

Photographs of textile, corn and other mill buildings in the vicinity of Macclesfield. Notes on the history of the mills featured.

Cliffe, David, librarian

Schedule of Deeds and Writings relating to a Tan Yard Steam Flour Mill in Dispensary Street, Alnwick

One paper sheet (approx. 40 cm x 32 cm), folded to create four pages. Originally dated 25 February 1858 but with pencil amendments to April 1874, the schedule traces the title back to 27 September 1705 of a Tan Yard Steam Flour Mill and associated premises in Dispensary Street, Alnwick. The schedule lists a variety of trades carried out at the premises, the last amendment being to reference articles of agreement between Thomas Archbold and John Bolam.

Conveyance of a plot of land and corn mill, Hempshaw Lane, Stockport

Two vellum sheets (approx. 62 x 73 and 63 x 76 cm). Indenture between George Bramwell, Thomas Morten Ferns, John Kenyon Winterbottom, the members of the Saint Thomas District Building Club and a group of power loom manufacturers (William Barnes, James Taylor, Adam Adshead and Silas Garner). Conveyance of a plot of land with a corn mill on Hempshaw Lane, Stockport, by Bramwell, Ferns and the building society to the power loom manufacturers, and assignment of the property for the remainder of a term of 300 years to Ferns. Original document available for reference. Signed and sealed by all parties.

Abstract of Title of the Victoria Saw Mills, Bridlington Quay

8 sheets of paper (approx 42 x 33 cm with two small coloured plans attached), comprising an Abstract of Title showing the conveyance to George Thornham and Water Reynoldson, Timber Merchants, in June 1889 of the Victoria Saw Mills, Bridlington Quay, together with all associated warehouses, outbuildings and machinery (including the water wheel and steam engines) for the sum of £1250. A further Abstract of Title concerns a 99 year lease from 6 April 1890 to Thornham and Reynoldson of adjoining land at Manor Street, Bridlingon Quay.

Pickering, A, Hull

Agreement of sale for the Hays Hygeian Flour Mills and associated properties, Kingston upon Hull

10 page paper document. Agreement between Walter Fred Harris (representing the Trustees of the Debenture holders of Hays Hygeian Flour Mills) and Benjamin Thompson (agent of J. G. and B. Thompson Limited, Corn Millers) for the sale of Hay's Hygeian Flour Mills in Kingston upon Hull (being "the land, steam Flour Mills, offices and buildings" on the west side of Grosvenor Street, further properties on the east side of Walmsley Street, the land forming the riverside wharf on the east side of Wincolmlee and associated fixtures, equipment and machinery). Contains also a printed copy of the General Conditions of Sale of the Hull Incorporated Law Society. Original document available for reference.

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