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Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
JKM001-01-01 Danzey Green Worcestershire, Opening Ceremony Item 1969
JKM001-01-02 Tail pole and wheel, Danzey Green Worcestershire Item 1969
JKM001-01-03 Danzey Green Worcestershire, drive to governors Item 1969
JKM001-01-04 Danzey Green Worcestershire, brake wheel Item 1969
JKM001-01-05 Danzey Green Worcestershire, Vincent Pargeter Item 1969
JKM001-01-06 Berkswell windmill,Warwickshire Item No date
JKM001-01-07 Berkswell windmill, Warwickshire, sails Item No date
JKM001-01-08 Berkswell windmill, Warwickshire, brake wheel Item No date
JKM001-01-09 Berkswell windmill, Warwickshire, bevel wheel Item No date
JKM001-01-10 Berkswell windmill, Warwickshire, back of brake wheel Item No date
JKM001-01-11 Berkswell windmill, Warwickshire, brake band Item No date
JKM001-01-12 Berkswell windmill, Warwickshire, cast iron gear Item No date
JKM001-01-13 Berkswell windmill, Warwickshire, brake lever Item No date
JKM001-01-14 Berkswell windmill, Warwickshire, stone nut Item No date
JKM001-01-15 Berkswell windmill, Warwickshire, neck bearing Item No date
JKM001-01-16 Berkswell windmill, Warwickshire, arms of brake wheel Item No date
JKM001-01-17 New Bradwell Mill, Buckinghamshire, cap and sails Item No date
JKM001-01-18 New Bradwell Mill, Buckinghamshire Item No date
JKM001-01-19 Great Gransden, Huntingdonshire, buck close up Item No date
JKM001-01-20 Great Gransden, Huntingdonshire, view from behind Item No date
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