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Hayle Mill; Tide Mill, St Helens; Painshill Park; North Leverton; Boroughbridge; Killhope Wheel; South Voe, Dunrossness, Shetland; Brantham Mill; Gislingham Mill; Burford Mill; Splatt Mill; Tower mill, Wheatley; Charney Bassett Mill; Papa Westray; Caudwell's Mill; Lode Mill; Leathley; Gwenddar MIll; Staining Mill; Eastington; Crofton Mill; Sonning Mill; Hounslow Powder Mills; The Great Fen; Brixton Treadmill; Meal Mill, Romsey; Fringford Mill; Cutt Mill, Puttenham; copper mines at Coniston Massif; millstone dresser; mine gin at East Herrington; horse wheel at Painshill.

Elisabeth Beazley items

35mm slides by Michael Harverson and Elisabeth Beazley. Correspondence and notes re. Shetland and Isle of Man mills.

Walters, Elisabeth (d 2018), nee Beazley

"Norwick, Unst"

Note on back reads: "Great Britain's most northerly windmill at Norwick, Unst. This is a working mill, used for [?] brass."

Unknown photographer


Photographs (origin unknown) of various home made turbines (tea spoon and soup spoon turbine), Propeller Pump, Shetland mill, photographs of Tom at River Tees, water power model tests. Drawings of Gilkes Propellor turbines, correspondence, news cuttings and modern catalogues of Gilkes. Housed in Green card folder covered with notes.

"Artist's 700-mile quest"

Snippet in the 'Yorkshire Post' about Karl Wood's final project to travel 700 miles to the Shetland Is to paint the remains of the windmill on the deserted island of South Havra.

"The Only Windmill"

Cutting from 'The Peoples' Friend' with a photo of what is claimed to the tower of the only Windmill in Shetland, standing on the island of South Havera.

Images of windmills, animal powered mills and millstone manufacture

This Sub - Series features 10 photographs and 1 photocopy of a painting. There are three photographs of windmills, three photographs, one engraving and one photocopy of a painting which feature Animal Powered Mills and the last three photographs are copyrighted images of the Times newspaper demonstrating the industrial process of millstone manufacture. A postcard presenting an illustration of animal powered mills in India used to belong to this folder. However, this item as with all other postcards has been moved to the new postcard folder. It is important to note that the images of millstone manufacture have not been added as Digital Object files to the catalogue entries as The Times could still own the copyright of these specific images.

Gardner, E M (d 1959)