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Roller flour mills

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Roller flour mills

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Roller flour mills

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Wortham Mills, Victoria Mills, and Robinson's Mill

The first three cuttings are from an article on Mr J J Rash's Wortham Mills, starting with a photo of the mill, followed by a frontispiece on the new roller milling technology Mr Rash had installed in the mill in 1893, by Messrs E R and F Tur...


Financial News and Echo Articles 1890

Each cutting is of an article, one from the Financial News, the other from the Echo, both discussing the creation of a syndicate, "Appleton, French, and Scrafton Limited", to amalgamate the principle flour mill of the North-Eastern Count...

Financial News

Roger's Mill, Market Drayton

Cutting focusing on Roger's Mill at Market Drayton, and the roller machinery installed at the mill by Messrs. E R and F Turner. There is also a small article discussing a duties on wheat and loaves, and a look back at The Miller 35 years ago.

The Miller

Langford Mills, Biggleswade

The 2 cuttings include a photo of Langford Mills, and an article discussing the roller machinery and "Robinson" system which both Langford Mills and Biggleswade Mill employs.

The Miller

Pan Mills, Newport

Cutting of an article of The Miller, examining new Henry Simon Ltd machinery using the roller-scraper system.

The Miller

Visit to Messrs Hudson, Ward & Co Ltd, Goole

One clipping is from 1907 article in The Miller, detailing a new "Alphega" system of pneumatic scalping used at Messrs Hudson, Ward & Co's roller mill in Goole. The other clipping is from The Miller in 1930, detailing a fire at ...

The Miller

Hints on Mill buildings and plans

The cuttings make up a single article, showing a series of floor plans, with discussions on effective and appropriate plans for roller mills of different sizes and in different environments.


Barton Mill, Cirencester

An article which describes a range of new machinery, including rollers, new power generators, and a sophisticated cleaning plant, brought into Barton Mill by Mr Raymond Allen and Mr Edward J Mead.

The Miller

Newstead Mill, Lincolnshire

Cutting from The Miller, detailing the breaking and scalping machine used at the mill, praising its efficiency and reliability, as well as its designer Mr William Weaver.

The Miller

Sele Roller Mill and Whitley Bridge Mill

Three cuttings of photo's from Milling journal. Two from 26 October 1907 issue, showing Whitley Bridge Mill, and one taken from 9 November 1907 issue, of Milling of Sele Roller Mill.


The Insurance News 1886

The first cutting, is an article in The Insurance News, showing correspondence to the editor of The Insurance News in regards to corm mill fire, detailing the costs of damages and the most common times and causes for the fires. The second cutting ...

The Insurance News

Electrical motor at Wandsworth Flour Mills

A picture showing an electric 135 hp motor, being used at Wandsworth Flour Mills, to power larger roller machinery. This is a picture of the motor described in the article shown in DUFF-SBK-009. This picture is most likely from "Milling".


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