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"Wexford's Wonderful Old Windmill - A Picturesque Survival"

Cutting from "Irish Independent". The article by J McCaffrey descibes his visit to the hamlet of Tacumshane and the attractiveness of the countryside. He gives an insight into the smuggling connection with the windmills of that time. Also mentioned is the construction of the millhouses at Tacumshane and the distinctiveness of the conical thatched roof.

"An Irish Windmill"

Cutting from "Irish Times". Most of the windmills in Co Wexford are in ruins and every little hamlet had a windmill in the south of the county. The writer, during his travels through Co Wexford, was particularly impressed with the Windmill at Tacumshane. Unlike English windmills this has a thatched roof.

"Wexford Windmills"

Cutting from "Irish Times". There were many windmills working fifty years ago. Flemish settlers built many windmills to utilise the wind due to an absence of water power on the flat baronies of the Forth and Bargy. All these windmills are now derelict apart from the "Old Windmill" at Tacumshane, Co Wexford.

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