Photographs of Mills in Somerset Inventory list

Identifier Title Sort ascending Level of description Date Digital object
MBRN-SPH-01 Abbey Mill, Washford, Old Cleeve Item Jun 1995
MBRN-SPH-02 Albert Mill, Keynsham - residential conversion retaining waterwheel Item No date
MBRN-SPH-03 Alhampton Mill Item 1980 - 1989
MBRN-SPH-04 Ash Priors Mill - since then has new wooden waterwheel Item 2003
MBRN-SPH-05 Ashton Mill, Chapel Allerton Item No date
MBRN-SPH-06 Ashton Windmill, Chapel Allerton Item 2009
MBRN-SPH-08 Barton Flour Mill & house, Barton St David Item No date
MBRN-SPH-09 Barwick Mill, Barwick Item May 1995
MBRN-SPH-10 Beam Mill, Wrington - mill pond Item No date
MBRN-SPH-11 Benter - mill site Item No date
MBRN-SPH-12 Billings Mill, Merriott Item Jul 1995
MBRN-SPH-20 Bishop's Lydeard Mill Item 2003
MBRN-SPH-13 Bishops Lydeard Mill - actually Lower Mill Item No date
MBRN-SPH-22 Bishop's Lydeard Mill - crown wheel Item No date
MBRN-SPH-14 Bishop's Lydeard Mill - flour dressing machine Item No date
MBRN-SPH-15 Bishop's Lydeard Mill - launder sluice control Item No date
MBRN-SPH-16 Bishop's Lydeard Mill - octagonal tun for one of two sets of stones Item No date
MBRN-SPH-17 Bishop's Lydeard Mill - sack truck Item No date
MBRN-SPH-18 Bishop's Lydeard Mill - tentering control and turn buckle above for grain feed Item No date
MBRN-SPH-19 Bishop's Lydeard Mill - winnowing machine Item No date
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