Miscellaneous Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
ROYG-MIS-03 Windmill notes and sketches File Late 20th century
ROYG-MIS-07 Sweden File 1995
ROYG-MIS-04 SPAB case work File 1981-1983
ROYG-MIS-08 Correspondence re. Stotfold mill public inquiry File 1986
ROYG-MIS-09 "Buck's Hill Stob Mill: A Swedish windmill at Blyth, Northumberland" File 9 April 2012
ROYG-MIS-10 Notebook File Late 20th century
ROYG-MIS-11 Annotated copy of "Windmills: A new history" File 2010
ROYG-MIS-15 "A windmill wandering" File 18 March 1992
ROYG-MIS-17 Miscellaneous correspondence File 1992-2010
ROYG-MIS-19 "Nepali watermills - an update" File 1991
ROYG-MIS-05 Miscellaneous correspondence File 1979-1991
ROYG-MIS-06 Russian windmills File Late 20th century
ROYG-MIS-12 Waterwheels on canals File 1996-1997
ROYG-MIS-14 "Notes on C[?] on cereal milling organised by the Hampshire Mills Group" File 20-23 March 1984
ROYG-MIS-01 Guidance documents relating to SPAB casework File Late 20th century
ROYG-MIS-02 "An annotated bibliography of windmill literature" File 1970s-1983
ROYG-MIS-13 Renewable energy File 1995
ROYG-MIS-16 Windmills of Noord-Brabant File Late 20th century
ROYG-MIS-18 Field notes File Late 20th century
ROYG-MIS-20 "Clarence Mills, Hull" File 1960s/70s
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