There are pages in the catalogue for places, including countries, UK historic counties and mills.

These are linked together into a hierarchy - e.g. the page for England includes links to pages for all the counties in England, the page for Cambridgeshire includes links to pages for the mills in Cambridgeshire etc.

Selecting Places from the list of 'Browse by' options on the home page will take you to the list of places, which looks like this:

In the centre is the list of places, which can be ordered alphabetically or with the most recent additions on top. On left the place terms can be browsed by hierarchy.

The page for an individual place looks like this:

Hierarchy browser: Shows where this place fits into the hierarchy of country/county/mill.
Link to the Mills Database: Place pages for mills are linked to the entry for that mill in our Mills Database. Click here to be taken to that page.
Linked images and documents: A list of all images and documents in the catalogue relating to this place. This includes items directly related to this term and those related to narrower terms (e.g. the page for Cambridgeshire lists all items linked to 'Cambridgeshire' and all items linked to any mill in Cambridgeshire).
'Exclude narrower terms': Click to restrict the list to the directly related images and documents (e.g. just those linked to 'Cambridgeshire', and not those linked to a mill in Cambridgeshre).

The entry for an individual image or document lists related places on the right, click on one of these to go to the page for that place:

You can also search for mills in our Mills Database on our main website. Each entry in this database has a 'See all images and documents' button:

Clicking this take you to the 'places' page for that mill in the catalogue so you can see all linked images and documents (please note that only around a third of mills in our database have related images and documents in the catalogue).