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Research notebook, 1925, 1938 and 1962

A partially-filled technical notebook featuring notes, drawings and measurements for 'Cranbrook Mill' with a focus on the 'cannister head', striking gear, windshaft, weatherboarding, curb and fan. The drawings include a cross-section showing the 'framing of one side of tower - 4th floor'. There are also undated notes on 'Stanstead Mill' with notes [possibly from the miller] on how to dress stones.
Notes from September 1938 detail a visit to 'Stanton Mill' as well as very detailed notes taken following a visit to Mr John Smith at 'Holton Mill'. These notes appear to be taken from Mr Smith's recollections of numerous mills, millers and millwrights in the area, (e.g. Yoxford, Tunstall, Theberton, Snape) as well as further afield (e.g. Edenbridge, Outwood and Patcham).
A final single page of notes related to a visit to 'Polegate' on 20 March 1962.

Wailes, Reginald (1901-1986), engineer, known as Rex

Research notebook for Norfolk, 1927

A repurposed Army field message book labelled, "Norfolk 1927" containing notes taken from a four-day tour of over 30 Norfolk windmills. The notes contained within the bound section of the notebook are brief (only 26 pages in all, the remainder of the bound notebook being blank). However, a self-addressed envelope at the rear of the notebook contains 19 pages of Wailes' narrative account of each day of the tour, written up from his lodgings each night and including notes of his encounters with two millwrights, Robert Martin and Dan England, as well as various millers and mill owners. Also at the rear of the notebook are three single sheets of notes including an account of the raising of the windshaft at Billingford Common Mill, near Diss. Identifiable mills visited which feature in Wailes' narrative are listed in "Place access points" below.

Wailes, Reginald (1901-1986), engineer, known as Rex

Research material on various 19th century millers

Typed transcriptions from various sources relating to Samuel Cubitt Cooke, William Catt, George Packham, Charles Hopkinson, James Wood, Charlotte Sarah Wood, Harriet Wood; Kelly's Directory entries of millers in Sussex.

Buckland, John Stephen Percy (1935-2006), mill researcher

Pocket notebook - Gayton and Ashdon mills

A small pocket notebook (measuring 7.5 cm by 11 cm) containing notes on Gayton, Ashdon and Sh[aw] Mills and notes "per Mr P. Davies" about a Mr Horton of Hythe regarding the use of sack hoist chains by his father and grandfather, W.B and J. Horton, respectively.

Wailes, Reginald (1901-1986), engineer, known as Rex

Research notebook with notes from The Miller (1904-1913) and Kelly's Directory 1926

A repurposed Army field message book labelled, "Notes from The Miller & Kellys Directories, B.M., Lincs, Kent, Sussex, Essex" containing 14 loose pages beginning, "The Miller 1904, Feb 1st, In 1720 one Robinson became tenant of Enfield Chase Windmill....", followed by 45 bound pages continuing with notes from The Miller up to 5 May 1913. Many of the notes track the purchase/demolition of windmills and other notable incidents. There are 24 further pages of notes, this time taken from Kelly's Directory 1926, recording entries for millers and millwrights. The remainder of the notebook is blank.

Wailes, Reginald (1901-1986), engineer, known as Rex

Abstract of title to a windmill and bakehouse at Herne Bay

12 pages of paper measuring approximately 41 cm x 34 cm tracing brothers, Charles and Edmund Charles', title as 'coheirs in gavelkind' to the property of their sister, Elizabeth Stanley, who died without issue in 1868. The document traces title back to the purchase of land by Edward Charles and John Thorp[e] from Sir Henry Oxenden 'upon which they had lately erected and built a Windmill' and to an additional parcel of land 'part of the waste of the Lord of that [Reculver] Manor' and to which they were admitted as tenants on 20 October 1824. The document recites that Edward Charles and John Thorp[e] had 'for sometime then past carried on the trade or business of Millers jointly and in copartnership at [the] parish of Herne' but that in July 1829, had decided to dissolve the partnership. Having agreed that Edward Charles should buy John Thorp[e]'s share (including the windmill and all fixtures, machinery and stock-in-trade), two arbitrators were appointed to make final Awards as to valuation (one of whom being John Penn, millwright, of Deptford). Edward Charles' will of 23 August 1850 describes him as residing at Reculver Villa. Dispositions under the will include the Herne Bay mill and bakehouse in favour of his sons Edward and Charles and his daughter, Eliza. Further recitals are made as to the settlement reached regarding Eliza's entitlements under her father's will upon her marriage to Henry Stanley of 25 Upper Gloucester Place, Dorset Square, London.

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