Mildred Cookson Foundation Collection Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
MCFC-WAR-GRC-001 Greek cartoon about the Italian invasion of the country Item 1940s
MCFC-WAR-IND-001 "Indian Well" Item No date
MCFC-WAR-ISR Israeli Mills Subseries Early 20th century
MCFC-WAR-ISR-002 "One on the 5 Wells of Beersheba as left by the Turks. Palestine" Item Early 20th century
MCFC-WAR-MIR-04 Issue 102 Item 7 November 1915
MCFC-WAR-MIR-06 Issue 141 Item 6 August 1916
MCFC-WAR-MIR-07 Issue 146 Item 10 September 1916
MCFC-WAR-MIR-08 Issue 169 Item 18 February 1917
MCFC-WAR-MIR-12 Issue 240 Item 30 June 1918
MCFC-WAR-NLD-001 "German troops on patrol in Holland during the Second World War" Item 13 August 2004
MCFC-WAR-RUS-002 Russian musketeers near a post mill Item No date
MCFC-WAR-SPH The Sphere Item 12 December 1914
MCFC-WAR-TUR-001 Templar mill near Antioch Item 1919
MCFC-WAR-UKR-001 "Brzezany. Zerstorte Muhle" Item 1918
MCFC-WAR-USA USA Mills Subseries 1863 - 1939
MCFC-RFM-001 "Roller Flour Mills of London" Item March 2019 View
MCFC-IND-003 Edge runners for linseed at Pockau, Germany Item 3 June 1999
MCFC-HES-01 Delivery vehicle, W Marshall Whiting Works, Hessle Item Early 20th century
MCFC-HES-02 Delivery vehicles, Marshall's Whiting Works, Hessle Item Early 20th century
MCFC-HES-03 Company history, W Marshall Whiting Works, Hessle Item Early 20th century
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