Martin Bodman Collection Inventory list

Identifier Title Sort ascending Level of description Date Digital object
MBRN-DPH-676 Weir Mill, Drewsteignton 1 - M Watts assessing Item No date
MBRN-DPH-677 Weir Mill, Drewsteignton 2 - M Watts measuring Item No date
MBRN-DPH-678 Weir Mill, Drewsteignton 3 - photos circa 2014 Item c. 2014
MBRN-DPH-679 Weir Mill, Drewsteignton 4 Item c. 2014
MBRN-DPH-680 Weir Mill, Drewsteignton 5 Item c. 2014
MBRN-SPH-407 Wellisford Manor Fm - water-powered barn Item May 1996
MBRN-DPH-681 Wembury Mill Item Jun 2004
MBRN-DPH-683 West Chapple Farm - long-drive gears Item No date
MBRN-DPH-682 West Chapple Farm, Winkleigh - transmission Item Jul 1999
MBRN-DPH-684 West Chapple wheelhouse, Winkleigh Item Jul 1999
MBRN-DPH-685 West Chapple, Winkleigh - waterwheel Item Jul 1999
MBRN-SPH-408 West Coker Mill Item May 1995
MBRN-DPH-686 West Gooseford Farm near Whiddon Down - nave for 24' plus waterwheel Item No date
MBRN-DPH-687 West Gooseford Farm piers for launder and mill dam Item Mar 1997
MBRN-DPH-688 West Gooseford millpond Item Mar 1997
MBRN-SPH-409 West Mill leat, Congresbury Item c. 1987
MBRN-SPH-411 West Mill, Luckwell Bridge Item May 2005
MBRN-SPH-410 West Mill, Luckwell Bridge - gearing Item No date
MBRN-SPH-412 West Mill, Luckwell Bridge, Somerset Item May 2005
MBRN-SPH-413 West Mill, Luckwell Bridge, Somerset, additional transmission Item No date
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