Martin Bodman Collection Inventory list

Identifier Title Sort ascending Level of description Date Digital object
MBRN-DPH-01 A - Devon rivers Item No date
MBRN-SPH-01 Abbey Mill, Washford, Old Cleeve Item Jun 1995
MBRN-04351 Abbotsbury Item 2002 View
MBRN-CPH-22 Addicroft Mill - low b-shot Item Apr 1999
MBRN-CPH-24 Addicroft Mill - water wheel nave Item Apr 1999
MBRN-CPH-25 Addicroft Mill - water wheel used for electricity generation Item Apr 1999
MBRN-CPH-23 Addicroft Mill - waterwheel by Jabez Buckingham Item Apr 1999
MBRN-CPH-26 Addicroft Mill, Linkinhorne Item Apr 1999
MBRN-DPH-02 Albany House, Belstone Item No date
MBRN-DPH-03 Albany House, Sticklepath (1) Item No date
MBRN-DPH-04 Albany House, Sticklepath (2) Item No date
MBRN-SPH-02 Albert Mill, Keynsham - residential conversion retaining waterwheel Item No date
MBRN-DPH-05 Aldridge Mill, Stoodleigh Item Jun 2006
MBRN-SPH-03 Alhampton Mill Item 1980 - 1989
MBRN-04352 Alton Pancras Item 2002 View
MBRN-DPH-07 Anchor Mills, Bradiford, Pilton Item Mar 2005
MBRN-DPH-06 Anchor Mills, Bradiford, Pilton - rebuilt by Wm Goss 1877 Item No date
MBRN-CPH-27 Anvower Mill, Lowertown, Sithney Item Sep 1996
MBRN-CPH-28 Anvower Mill, Lowertown - 18' x 4' Item Sep 1996
MBRN-CPH-29 Anvower Mills - leat at Tuckingmill Farm Item Sep 1996
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