Martin Bodman Collection Inventory list

Identifier Title Level of description Sort ascending Date Digital object
MBRN-CPH-211 Mellinsey Mill, Veryan - waterwheel Item Jul 1995
MBRN-CPH-213 Mellinsey Mill, Veryan Item Mar 1997
MBRN-CPH-216 Methleigh Farm - stone nut 9-96 Item Sep 1996
MBRN-CPH-217 Methleigh Farm or Barton - residence, Helston Item Sep 1996
MBRN-CPH-223 Mill House Inn, Trebarwith - formerly Treknow Mill Item Jun 1996
MBRN-CPH-224 Mill House Inn, Trebarwith - once Treknow Mill, Tintagel Item Jun 1996
MBRN-CPH-225 Mill House Inn, Trebarwith waterwheel detail Item No date
MBRN-CPH-228 Mill site Portheras, Morvah Item Jun 1998
MBRN-CPH-232 Morden Mill launder Item Sep 1996
MBRN-CPH-234 Morden Mill stone nut Item Sep 1996
MBRN-CPH-237 Morden Mill, Cothele Item No date
MBRN-CPH-243 Nankelly Mill, St Columb Major - Oatey & Martyn waterwheel Item No date
MBRN-CPH-249 New Mills, St Stephen by Launceston - waterwheel Item Apr 1997
MBRN-CPH-251 Newchurches St Stephen by Launceston Item Jun 1997
MBRN-CPH-263 Pencare Mill, Landrake, with early 19th century mill in view Item Jun 2004
MBRN-CPN-279 Polgooth waterwheel used for electricity generation, St Austell - 3 Item No date
MBRN-CPH-290 Pont sawmill location, Lanteglos Item 20 Mar 1995
MBRN-CPH-292 Pool steam engine - Holman Camborne Item Jul 1999
MBRN-CPH-295 Poughill Mill, Bush, Bude Item Apr 1999
MBRN-CPH-299 Ridgegrove bone mill near Launceston - since converted - 4-9 Item No date
Results 1821 to 1840 of 1882