Martin Bodman Collection Inventory list

Identifier Title Level of description Date Sort ascending Digital object
MBRN-DPH-569 South Mill, Stockland Item Sep 1994
MBRN-DPH-585 Staverton Bridge window detail Item 1994
MBRN-DPH-586 Staverton Town Mill Item 1994
MBRN-DPH-603 Sutcombe Mill, Sutcombe 1994 - since renovated Item 1994
MBRN-DPH-605 Talaton Mill, Fairmile, Ottery Item Sep 1994
MBRN-DPH-673 Wear Giffard Mill Item 1994
MBRN-SPH-298 Pinksmoor Mill, Wellington waterwheel pit internal in door behind car Item Sep 1994
MBRN-SPH-362 Stawley Mill - house or house conversion Item Sep 1994
MBRN-SPH-405 Washbattle Mill, Huish Champflower Item Sep 1994
MBRN-CPH-48 Boscastle Old Mill Item Sep 1994
MBRN-CPH-65 Carmears leat Luxulyan valley Item c. 1994
MBRN-DPH-134 Coles Mill Colyton, paper mill to left, leat right Item Sep 1994
MBRN-DPH-164 Crowdy Mill belt drive Item Sep 1994
MBRN-DPH-208 Fairmile, near Ottery St M[ary] - mill at Item Sep 1994
MBRN-DPH-235 Godford Mill, Awliscombe - conversion Item Sep 1994
MBRN-DPH-37 Beenleigh Mill, Manor Item Sep 1994
MBRN-DPH-38 Beenleigh Mill, near Harbertonford Item Sep 1994
MBRN-DPH-547 Rawridge, Upottery converted - photo 1994 Item 1994
MBRN-DPH-584 Staverton Bridge Mill Item 1994
MBRN-DPH-627 Town Mill, Chudleigh Item Sep 1994
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