Martin Bodman Collection Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
MBRN-DPH-129 Cockington near Torquay - waterwheel by Beare Item May 1997
MBRN-DPH-133 Coldharbour Mill, Uffculme, waterwheel by Robert Lee, 1821, und Item No date
MBRN-DPH-135 Coles Mill, Colyton - weir Item Sep 1994
MBRN-DPH-143 Coombe, Loxhore - has turning Garnish & Lemon waterwheel - 12-0 Item 2004
MBRN-DPH-144 Coombe, Moretonhampstead - waterwheel by H Beare & So Item Mar 2005
MBRN-DPH-148 Coombleland, Cadeleigh - launder Item Aug 1996
MBRN-DPH-149 Cotleigh crown wheel Item Sep 1994
MBRN-DPH-156 Cricklepit Mill July 2008_9256 Item Jul 2008
MBRN-DPH-162 Croscombe Barton waterwheel at SS683479 Item No date
MBRN-DPH-166 Crowdy Mill, Harbertonford Item Sep 1994
MBRN-DPH-167 Crowdy millstone detail Item Sep 1994
MBRN-DPH-169 Cruwys Morchard Mill - machinery remains Item Nov 1995
MBRN-DPH-172 Cruwys Morchard Mill Item Mar 1998
MBRN-DPH-179 Damage Barton, Morthoe, shroud detail Item 2004
MBRN-DPH-184 Dipper Mill, Shebbear Item Jan 1998
MBRN-DPH-185 Dittisham - Brambletorre Mill with large backshot or high breast wheel Item 2008
MBRN-DPH-190 Docton Mill, Hartland, waterwheel Item May 2004
MBRN-DPH-200 East Ogwell Mill - since demolished - postcard from M Bodman collection Item No date
MBRN-DPH-202 Edgecombe Fm, Cudliptown Item Jul 1998
MBRN-DPH-206 Ermington Mill Item Oct 1995
Results 1821 to 1840 of 1882