Martin Bodman Collection Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
MBRN-SPH-404 Washbattle Mill Item Jul 1995
MBRN-SPH-406 Watercress Farm, Wraxall - leat to pump house Item No date
MBRN-SPH-409 West Mill leat, Congresbury Item c. 1987
MBRN-SPH-422 Woolley - gunpowder mill leat seen as contour line in field across valley, with lower leat parallel below it Item Apr 1988
MBRN-SPH-423 Woolley corn mill, Woolley - leat from Lam Brook Item No date
MBRN-SPH-424 Wootton Courtney pottery wheel Item Jun 1995
MBRN-SPH-427 Wrington Mill - race stopped up Item No date
MBRN-SPH-430 Yenworthy, Oare - shrouds Rafarel, Barnstaple Item No date
MBRN-MWF-001 Coleford Mill, Coleford Item 6 April 2019
MBRN-MWF-006 Hippy's Mill, Coleford Item 8 April 2019
MBRN-MWF-007 Hippy's Mill, Coleford Item 8 April 2019
MBRN-MWF-011 Nunney Mill, Nunney Item 7 April 2019
MBRN-SSM Maps of Somerset Series 1996
MBRN-SOM-001 "Edge tool mills and other iron mill sites in east Somerset" Item November 2020 View
MBRN-IAS-02 Somerset - Mills along the Alham SIASB 86, 4-2001, 16-25 Item Apr 2001
MBRN-BIA-02 Mills on the Cam and Midford Brooks BIASJ 29, 1996, 2-13 Item 1996
MBRN-BIA-03 Three Vanished Avonside Mills, BIASJ 42 ,2009, 4-9 Item 2009
MBRN-CPH-02 Carkeet barn, St Cleer - naves of water wheel Item Nov 1998
MBRN-CPH-06 Wheal Victoria wheelpit Item 18 Mar 2006
MBRN-CPH-07 Pont paper mill, Lanteglos Item Mar 1995
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