Martin Bodman Collection Inventory list

Identifier Title Level of description Sort ascending Date Digital object
MBRN-SPH-217 Lower Lane ironworks, Shepton Mallet - since demolished Item Apr 1988
MBRN-SPH-222 Lower Mill, Croscombe Item No date
MBRN-SPH-226 Lower North Quarme gearing Item May 1996
MBRN-SPH-230 Machine Cross, Dulverton Item Apr 1997
MBRN-SPH-254 Moolham Mill - poss crown wheel Item Sep 1996
MBRN-SPH-266 North Wootton tanyard conversion Item No date
MBRN-SPH-267 North Wootton water-powered bark mill Item No date
MBRN-SPH-282 Orchard Mill, Williton - gearing including pit wheel, wallower and great spur Item Sep 1995
MBRN-SPH-284 Orchard Mill, Williton Item Sep 1995
MBRN-SPH-285 Orchard Mill, Williton_1006 Item Apr 2009
MBRN-SPH-290 Parrett Works, Martock Item No date
MBRN-SPH-293 Piles Mill, Allerford 10' diameter overshot in 2005 Item 2005
MBRN-SPH-314 Powdermill, Winford - punt in millpond Item No date
MBRN-SPH-315 Powdermill, Winford - wheelpit excavated by the late Roy Morgan Item No date
MBRN-SPH-317 Priston Mill, Priston Item 1991
MBRN-SPH-318 Publow Mill - dry millpond Item No date
MBRN-SPH-320 Raddington Mill - oven Item No date
MBRN-SPH-321 Raddington Mill oven Item No date
MBRN-SPH-326 Rode Bridge Mill Item Aug 1996
MBRN-SPH-329 Rose Mills, Ilminster Item May 1995
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