Martin Bodman Collection Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
MBRN-CPH-146 Higher Mill, Poltesco Item Jun 1996
MBRN-CPH-147 Higher Mill, Poltesco Item Sep 1998
MBRN-CPH-148 Higher Mill, Poltesco, waterwheel Item Jun 1996
MBRN-CPH-150 Idless Mill, Kenwyn Item Mar 1997
MBRN-CPH-158 Kennal Vale gunpowder works, Ponsanooth - site Item Jun 1996
MBRN-CPH-164 Keymel Mill, Lamorna - shrouds Isaac Willey, Helston Item No date
MBRN-CPH-174 Lanow farm, St Kew Item Mar 1998
MBRN-CPH-176 Laveddon Mill, Bodmin - T Fisher St Austell 12' Item No date
MBRN-CPH-179 Lavethan Mill, Blisland, waterwheel, 9-95 Item Sep 1995
MBRN-CPH-188 Little Petherick - mill and church, St Issey - M Bodman collection Item No date
MBRN-CPH-189 Little Petherick Mill, St Issey, 11-1994 Item Nov 1994
MBRN-CPH-192 Looe Mills, Liskeard, gearing Item Nov 1998
MBRN-CPH-195 Lower Gweek Mill - converted Item Sep 1995
MBRN-CPH-206 Melbur Mill, St Stephen-in-B[rannel] 20ft waterwheel by Bartle Item 3 Sep 1997
MBRN-CPH-211 Mellinsey Mill, Veryan - waterwheel Item Jul 1995
MBRN-CPH-213 Mellinsey Mill, Veryan Item Mar 1997
MBRN-CPH-216 Methleigh Farm - stone nut 9-96 Item Sep 1996
MBRN-CPH-217 Methleigh Farm or Barton - residence, Helston Item Sep 1996
MBRN-CPH-223 Mill House Inn, Trebarwith - formerly Treknow Mill Item Jun 1996
MBRN-CPH-224 Mill House Inn, Trebarwith - once Treknow Mill, Tintagel Item Jun 1996
Results 1721 to 1740 of 1882