Martin Bodman Collection Inventory list

Identifier Title Level of description Sort ascending Date Digital object
MBRN-SPH-301 Pitt Mill, Roadwater 11' x 2' 6'' overshot by Thomas & Co Cardigan installed 2000 Item No date
MBRN-SPH-305 Portbridge Mill, Chew Magna - on Winford Brook Item 1980 - 1989
MBRN-SPH-306 Portbury Mill, Portbury Item Apr 1984
MBRN-SPH-310 Powdermill, Winford - gunpowder store Item No date
MBRN-SPH-330 Rowlands Mill overshot waterwheel by Pearce, Taunton c 1851 Item No date
MBRN-SPH-344 Sibley waterwheel at Bridgerule, west Devon Item No date
MBRN-SPH-350 Somerton Randle gearing Item No date
MBRN-SPH-351 Somerton Randle Mill c1995 - ST 498285 Item c. 1995
MBRN-SPH-355 Sparkford Mill - leat and sluice gates Item No date
MBRN-SPH-362 Stawley Mill - house or house conversion Item Sep 1994
MBRN-SPH-367 Surridge Farm, Skilgate - belt drives Item May 1996
MBRN-SPH-373 Thorney Mill Item 26 May 2009
MBRN-SPH-379 Top Mill, Croscombe Item No date
MBRN-SPH-393 Town Mill, Radstock Item 1987
MBRN-SPH-394 Town Mill, Shepton Mallet - leat Item No date
MBRN-SPH-395 Town Mill, Shepton Mallet Item No date
MBRN-SPH-396 Town Mills, Dulverton - tailrace Item 2004
MBRN-SPH-399 Upper Benter - with mill ruin Item c. 1987
MBRN-SPH-405 Washbattle Mill, Huish Champflower Item Sep 1994
MBRN-SPH-408 West Coker Mill Item May 1995
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