Martin Bodman Collection Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
MBRN-DPH-527 Poltimore Farm, Farway - overshot waterwheel - Maunder machinist Item No date
MBRN-DPH-528 Poltimore Farm, Farway - waterwheel - Maunder Item Sep 1996
MBRN-DPH-536 Ponsworthy Mill Item May 1999
MBRN-DPH-546 Rattery Mill, Rattery Item Sep 1994
MBRN-DPH-550 Rushford Mill - Chagford Item No date
MBRN-DPH-559 Selgar's Mill, Willand - millpond Item Dec 1995
MBRN-DPH-565 Shobrooke Mill, w-wheel axle Item Jul 2005
MBRN-DPH-569 South Mill, Stockland Item Sep 1994
MBRN-DPH-571 South Pool Mill Item Sep 1996
MBRN-DPH-575 Sowton waterwheel Item May 1993
MBRN-DPH-578 Spriddlecombe Mill waterwheel shroud - FICE Modbury Item No date
MBRN-DPH-581 Spriddlecombe Mill, Modbury, shrouds Item Apr 1997
MBRN-DPH-583 Staverton Bridge Mill [2] Item No date
MBRN-DPH-585 Staverton Bridge window detail Item 1994
MBRN-DPH-586 Staverton Town Mill Item 1994
MBRN-DPH-590 Steward millpond Item Apr 1995
MBRN-DPH-592 Stone Farm, Bridestowe water and steam power here Item May 1998
MBRN-DPH-594 Stone Mill Chawleigh - before conversion Item Aug 1993
MBRN-DPH-600 Stone Mill, Chawleigh, nut in situ Item 2003
MBRN-DPH-603 Sutcombe Mill, Sutcombe 1994 - since renovated Item 1994
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