Martin Bodman Collection Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
MBRN-CPH-13 Nanjulian Mill, St Just in Penwith - dry pond Item May 1997
MBRN-CPH-17 Rosewastis Mill St Columb Major - waterwheel Item Mar 2002
MBRN-CPH-25 Addicroft Mill - water wheel used for electricity generation Item Apr 1999
MBRN-CPH-30 Anvower Top Mill, Sithney near Helston Item Sep 1996
MBRN-CPH-31 Anvower Top or upper mill waterwheel by J Harvey Helston 4 Item No date
MBRN-CPH-45 Bone Mill, West Looe - former tide mill Item Apr 2000
MBRN-CPH-48 Boscastle Old Mill Item Sep 1994
MBRN-CPH-51 Bridge Farm, Stoke Climsland - restoration by M Watts Item Sep 1997
MBRN-CPH-52 Bridge Mill, St Columb Major Item Apr 1996
MBRN-CPH-53 Bridges Mill overshot, Luxulyan Item Feb 1997
MBRN-CPH-65 Carmears leat Luxulyan valley Item c. 1994
MBRN-CPH-67 Carmears Leat, Luxulyan valley Item No date
MBRN-CPH-71 Carmears, Lanlivery Item Mar 2006
MBRN-CPH-72 Carmears Item No date
MBRN-CPH-73 Carmears Item No date
MBRN-CPH-86 China stone w-w St Stephen-in-Brannel - 35' waterwheel Item Nov 1997
MBRN-CPH-88 Clod crusher c1860 by Oatey & Co Wadebridge at Dairyland Item No date
MBRN-CPH-90 Coddles Mill, Withiel - house conversion Item 2 Feb 1997
MBRN-CPH-92 Coldvreath waterwheel drive, Roche Item Apr 1997
MBRN-CPH-96 Coombe Mill, Morwenstow - waterwheel unrestored Item 1993
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