Loddon water mills, part 1 Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
EIGH-05-001 River Loddon - Mills On Item 29 March 1992
EIGH-05-002 River Hart - Mills On Item 29 March 1992
EIGH-05-004 River Whitewater - Mills On Item 29 March 1992
EIGH-05-007 History of Loddon Mills - Speakers Notes: Lower Mill Basing Item 31 July 1998
EIGH-05-017 River Loddon: History of Sindlesham Mill with pictures (photocopies) Item No date
EIGH-05-018 Ordinance Survey Maps of River Loddon and main tributories Item No date
EIGH-05-020 Technical Notes on Barton Watermill (Hampshire Mills Group) Item June 2009
EIGH-05-026 Lower Mill Item June 1998
EIGH-05-031 Sherfield Mill Item 19 March 1998
EIGH-05-037 Press Photograph: Longbridge Mill House - Conversion to restauant Item 25 July 1997
EIGH-05-040 History Notes of Stanford End Mill on River Loddon (Copy) Item 2 August 2001
EIGH-05-042a Summary of Ownership and Tenants for Stanford End Mill Item 15 August 2001
EIGH-05-042b Extract from Heritage Aspects of Stanford End Item November 1995
EIGH-05-042c Visit Notes: Reading University Library 28/6/2001 (John Silman) and 31/7/2001 (Mick Edgeworth) Item 15 August 2001
EIGH-05-042d Visit Notes: Berkshire Records Office (13/7/01 and 17/7/01) and Reading Local studies Centre (17/7/01) by Mick Edgeworth Item 15 July 2001
EIGH-05-048 Stanford End Mill Item 7 May 1985
EIGH-05-053 Stanford End Mill Item 7 May 1985
EIGH-05-054 Stanford End Mill Item 7 May 1985
EIGH-05-061 The Mill, Swallowfield (no postmark) Item c 1900
EIGH-05-067 Swallowfield Mill Item No date
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