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Pocket notebook - focus on tide mills

A repurposed Lett's diary for 1936 measuring 7.5 cm x 11.5 cm, containing measurements, notes, calculations and drawings on a variety of engineering and milling matters including the mills listed at 'Place access points' below.

Reference is made to a number of sea or tide meals including unidentified ones at Denham, Wadebridge and St Austell, Cornwall and also to 'Butshead Tide Mill' [Budshead?] at St Budeaux. There are also 8 pages of notes under the headings 'Beech' and 'Stock' detailing the equipment/set-up within two unidentified mills. A further unidentified mill mentioned is 'Little Bentley Mill'.

Further notes on tide mills record that, 'porpoises came up at Barrow Hill Tide Mill, Abridge [Heybridge?], Maldon Essex'. A record is also made of '7 Tide Mills on North coast of Norfolk in the Burnhams'.

Wailes, Reginald (1901-1986), engineer, known as Rex

T.B. Paisley's 'Windmill Notes'

A 'spring folio', binding together loose pages comprising 'Windmill Notes, compiled from various sources by T.B. Paisley'. The folio is divided into the following sections: 'English Windmills. Arranged by Counties' and 'Foreign Windmills' (USA and France). The folio covers the counties listed at 'Place access points below' with brief details of selected post, tower and smock mills there and the date visited.

Paisley, Thomas Brownlee (1916-1980)

Pages from a loose-leaf notebook - 1926 to 1929

Assorted brief 'aide memoire' and more detailed notes on a variety of milling matters including: notes taken from books/papers and maps (e.g. 'Dynamics of Windmills' - J.A. Griffiths, the 'English Encyclopedia', 1802, Merian's 'View of London', 1638 and 'The Miller, 1900 and 1916); lists of milling journals, articles, reports and academic papers (including electricity generation); more detailed notes and drawings on the mills listed at 'Place access points' below; a June 1926 typed packing and kit list for a trip to Suffolk and expenses incurred; mileage and logbooks for a trip in June 1928 and again for Wailes' Easter trip to Anglesey in 1929; notes taken from a visit to the Sussex Archives Collection including an account of the relocation of an entire Brighton windmill in 1797; a list of Lancashire mills in working order; and an anecdote about an interaction between a miller and the King of Prussia.

Wailes, Reginald (1901-1986), engineer, known as Rex

Research notebook on various mills, 1932 and 1937

A repurposed Army field message book labelled, "Tide [and] Cider Mills, Woad Cart, Sprowston" containing research notes, drawings and measurements taken from visits in 1932 to the identifiable post and tower mills listed at "Place access points" below.
The notebook also contains: 5 pages of notes extracted from "The Miller's Guide", R.R. Smith, London, William Butcher, 1875; 4 pages of notes following a visit to a cider mill at St Keynes, Cornwall, 2 July 1937; 24 pages of notes and drawings labelled, "Woad Farm, Boston, 2 August 1937"; in the rear pocket, two postcards addressed to Wailes, one of which is from H.W. Dickinson, Honorary Secretary of The Newcomen Society , referencing tide and cider mills.

Wailes, Reginald (1901-1986), engineer, known as Rex

Research notebook on woad cultivation and milling

A repurposed Army field message book labelled, "Woad" begins with 8 pages of notes on Willaston Mill taken on a visit on 26 October 1929. The remainder of the notebook is filled with detailed notes on woad cultivation and milling. Parson Drove Mill and Algarkirk Woad Mill both feature regularly in the notes. Visits to consult Spalding Gentlemen's Society's windmill folio and Boston Museum's woad exhibit are recorded/planned and notes are taken from a variety of books and journals including; J.B. Henry's 'The Woad Plant and its Dye' (Oxford University Press, 1930); the Agricultural Society's Journal (1917), 'Nature' Vol. 55 (1896 - 1897), 'Aunt Judy's Magazine' (1883); the Transactions of the Norfolk and Norwich Naturalists' Society; the Horticultural Society Journal Vol. 26 (1906); J. M. Bayer's 'Theatrum Machinarium Molarium'; A. Young's 'General View of the Agriculture of the County of Lincoln' (1799).

Wailes, Reginald (1901-1986), engineer, known as Rex

Research notebook for various mills, 1928

A repurposed Army field message book labelled, "Mainly Lincs 1928 & Brill & Lancs" but beginning with a five page, narrative account of the first two days of Wailes' trip to France with H.O. Clarke and his assistant, Herbert Bean[stor]. The account ends with disembarkation at Calais but includes a proposed itinerary through Nord pas de Calais for Easter Sunday 1928.
The next section comprises eight pages of lists of windmills, many but not all, being in Lincolnshire.
The remainder of the book comprises: brief research notes on Lincolnshire millwrights and windmills (17 pages); fuller research notes and drawings of various Lancashire windmills (27 pages); brief research notes for visits made to Brill Windmill and Castle Mill, Beccles in July 1928; 11 pages of full notes and drawings concerning repairs to Brill Windmill taken in August 1928. Lastly four loose sheets at the rear of the notebook listing negatives of numerous windmills required by Wailes. Those windmills identifiable from the notes are listed at "Place access points" below.

Wailes, Reginald (1901-1986), engineer, known as Rex

Mike Field Collection

  • MIKF
  • Collection
  • 1968 - 1979

Display boards from the Molinological Conference ('Molicon'), 1979. Copies of drawings of Wrawby post mill by C T G B, 1968. Three films:UK windmills inc Paxton and Bourne, 1968; Denmark windmills, May 1974; Blakedown Forge, Churchill, Worcestershire, July 1971.

Field, Mike

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