Lantern slides and glass negatives Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
SPAB-17602 Exterior view from field showing mill and outbuilding Item 1 June 1903
SPAB-17603 Mill with boats and granary in foreground Item 29 July 1908
SPAB-17604 Exterior view showing furled sail cloths Item 29 June 1897
SPAB-17606 Front view showing details of sails and roundhouse Item 19 July 1908
SPAB-17607 Distant view showing sail frames with shutters removed Item 11 August 1939
SPAB-GPN-A-001 Bin floor Item No date
SPAB-GPN-A-002 Swedish horizontal mill Item No date
SPAB-GPN-A-003 Interior of Shetland mill hopper Item No date
SPAB-GPN-A-004 Exterior view, Adcote Mill, Salop Item No date
SPAB-GPN-A-005 Hand querns Item No date
SPAB-GPN-A-006 Bridge tree handle Item No date
SPAB-GPN-A-007 Clasp arm wheel Item No date
SPAB-GPN-A-008 Illustration of a tanner's workshop Item No date
SPAB-GPN-A-009 Crown wheel Item No date
SPAB-GPN-A-010 Watermill Item No date
SPAB-GPN-A-011 Paper mill Item No date
SPAB-GPN-A-012 How mill stones work Item No date
SPAB-GPN-A-013 Water works, London Bridge Item No date
SPAB-GPN-A-014 Slate quarry Item No date
SPAB-GPN-A-015 Diagram, Shetland Mill Item No date
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