Lantern slides and glass negatives Inventory list

Identifier Title Level of description Date Sort ascending Digital object
SPAB-GPN-B-029 Interior view of water mill Item No date
SPAB-GPN-B-032 Interior view of water mill (poss Sussex) Item No date
SPAB-GPN-B-034 View of a water wheel Item No date
SPAB-GPN-B-038 Disused mill wheel Item No date
SPAB-GPN-B-041 Dean's Mill, Lindfield Item No date
SPAB-GPN-C-011 Design for the water wheel and penstock for Warren Mill, Smeaton Item No date
SPAB-GPN-D-001 Lino cut illustration of open-trestle post mill Item No date
SPAB-GPN-D-010 View of water mill Item No date
SPAB-GPN-D-014 Wiston Mill, Wissington Item No date
SPAB-GPN-D-016 New Mill, Nayland Item No date
SPAB-GPN-D-021 Burton Mill, Duncton Item No date
SPAB-GPN-D-022 View of water mill Item No date
SPAB-GPN-D-030 Tanners Work shop, edge runner bark mill Item No date
SPAB-GPN-D-031 Painting of Stedham Mill Item No date
SPAB-GPN-E-016 Exterior view of walled area Item No date
SPAB-GPN-E-021 Illustration undershot water wheel, 1876 Item No date
SPAB-GPN-E-030 Illustration "Pier 11 from the West" Item No date
SPAB-GPN-E-036 Illustration of water wheel from Powder Mill, Worcester Park Item No date
SPAB-GPN-E-037 Illustration of water wheel for Borfot Furmace Item No date
SPAB-GPN-F-012 Illustration of early water mill, the "Mills of Babylon" Item No date
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