Lantern slides and glass negatives Inventory list

Identifier Title Level of description Date Sort ascending Digital object
SPAB-GPN-B-037 View of water mill Item No date
SPAB-GPN-C-009 Elevation of the machinery for Alstone Mill, Smeaton Item No date
SPAB-GPN-C-012 Design for the water wheel and pan trough for the Carshalton Mill, Smeaton Item No date
SPAB-GPN-C-013 General view of Kilnhurst Forge, 1765, Smeaton Item No date
SPAB-GPN-D-009 View of water mill Item No date
SPAB-GPN-D-033 Painting of a water mill with two water wheels and four gentlemen Item No date
SPAB-GPN-E-003 Illustration from 1840, aspects of water mill Item No date
SPAB-GPN-E-012 Illustration of tilt hammer, Clay Mill Forge Item No date
SPAB-GPN-E-015 Illustration of water mill Item No date
SPAB-GPN-E-018 Illustration of water wheel Item No date
SPAB-GPN-E-019 Serbian Mill Item No date
SPAB-GPN-E-024 Illustration the water wheel, Warren Mill, 1783 Item No date
SPAB-GPN-E-031 Illustration "Pier and coloum from Collapsed Span" Item No date
SPAB-GPN-E-032 Illustration "Pier 9 from the South" Item No date
SPAB-GPN-E-033 Illustration of piers and columns of colapsed spans Item No date
SPAB-GPN-E-035 Illustration of water wheel and conduit, Woodford Bridge Item No date
SPAB-GPN-F-001 Hollow-post mill, Mitcham Common Item No date
SPAB-GPN-F-004 Watchfield Mill, Burnham Without Item No date
SPAB-GPN-F-018 Town Mill, Biddenden Item No date
SPAB-GPN-F-020 Remains of Billericay Mill, Great Burstead Item No date
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