Ken Kirsopp Collection Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
KIRS-26295 Notebook of Hampshire Windmills S to Y, Medieval, Possible Sites File No date
KIRS-10393 Mills in Art File 2003-2004 and no date
KIRS-22811 The Stedman family of Kent millers and millwrights Item 2006 View
KIRS-25291 View of Mill near Rochester Item No date
KIRS-21042 Kent Millers in the 1841 census Item 2006 View
KIRS-25863 Research notes on Hampshire windmills Series 20th century
KIRS-1106902 Index of millers in Hampshire File No date
KIRS-12450 Notes on windmill paintings Item No date
KIRS-25289 Wall with timber joist, Feather Mill, New Road, Chatham Item 1966
KIRS-25290 Wall, timber and shaft, Feather Mill, New Road, Chatham Item 1996
KIRS-SLI Windmills in Germany and the Netherlands File 1974-1976
KIRS-26289 Notebook of Hampshire Windmills A to F File No date
KIRS-26296 Notebook of Hampshire Windmills G to P File No date
KIRS-26294 Notebook of Hampshire Windmills. Photocopies File No date
KIRS-1106903 Kent, Hampshire and Wiltshire millers and millwrights File No date
KIRS-12445 Letter from D Howe Item 1992
KIRS-12446 Correspondence with Arthur C Smith File 1992
KIRS-12452 Faversham Gunpowder Mill explosion Item No date
KIRS-12453 Mortimer Windmill Item No date
KIRS-25287 Kent mills and mill people File 1966-2006 and no date
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