John Bedington Collection Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
JBED-STF-015-09 Bustleholm Mill, West Bromwich - support beam of countershaft from former crown wheel and catch Item 27 February 1966
JBED-STF-016 Butterhill Windmill, Coppenhall File 1976 - 2020
JBED-STF-017-03 Cannock Mill, Cannock - article on the possible conserving of the mill Item 1974
JBED-STF-017-06 Cannock Mill, Cannock - mill seen across pond Item 3 January 1967
JBED-STF-017-16 Cannock Mill, Cannock - exterior Item 3 January 1967
JBED-STF-018-03 Checkhill Farm Mill, Kinver - waterwheel and pentrough Item 22 March 1968
JBED-STF-018-04 Checkhill Farm Mill, Kinver - west corner of mill Item 25 June 1972
JBED-STF-018-07 Checkhill Farm Mill, Kinver - end of wheelshaft, gears and bridge posts Item 25 June 1972
JBED-STF-019-01 Note on Cheddleton Mill, Staffordshire Item 2020 View
JBED-STF-019-04 Cheddleton Flint Mill, Cheddleton - wheel of North Mill with part wheel of South Mill Item 23 July 1969
JBED-STF-019-06 Cheddleton Flint Mill, Cheddleton - both mills and waterwheels from downstream Item 23 July 1969
JBED-STF-019-08 Cheddleton Flint Mill, Cheddleton - wheel of South Mill with part of wheel of North Mill Item 23 July 1969
JBED-STF-019-09 Cheddleton Flint Mill, Cheddleton - pan in South Mill Item 23 July 1969
JBED-STF-019-12 Cheddleton Flint Mill, Cheddleton - the grinding pan in the South Mill Item 23 July 1969
JBED-STF-019-14 Cheddleton Flint Mill, Cheddleton - the waterwheels Item 2016
JBED-STF-020-05 Clifton Mill, Clifton Campville - mill seen along headrace Item 13 February 1972
JBED-STF-020-07 Clifton Mill, Clifton Campville - millstone in ground Item 13 February 1972
JBED-STF-022-02 Coley Mill, SPAB questionnaire Item 24 August 1965
JBED-STF-022-03 Copy letter, Aqualate Estates to SPAB Item 3 - 7 May 1991 View
JBED-STF-022-10 Watermill, Coley Farm, Gnosall - weighing machine Item 24 August 1965
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