Jean Weir Watermills Albums Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
KMGC-ALB-16 "Rest of [counties in England] A-L, Wind" File Late 20th century View
KMGC-18564 Swingate Mill, Guston Item No date
KMGC-18570 Smock mill, Herne Item No date
KMGC-18593 Tower mill, Wingham Item No date
KMGC-18595 Lower Mill, Woodchurch Item No date
KMGC-18597 Smock mill, West Kingsdown Item No date
KMGC-ALB-20 "England, [counties K-Y] Wind" File Late 20th century View
KMGC-ALB-22 "Sussex, Wind" File Late 20th century View
KMGC-18562 Buckland Flour Mill, Buckland, Dover Item No date
KMGC-18611 House Mill, Frindsbury, Rochester Item No date
KMGC-18613 Cullen's Hill Mill, Elham, Canterbury Item No date
KMGC-18614 Stone Hill Mill, Egerton Item No date
KMGC-ALB-25 "Kent, O-S, Wind" File Late 20th century View
KMGC-18580 St Margaret's Mill, Rochester Item No date
KMGC-18584 Ringle Crouch Green Mill, Sandhurst Item No date
KMGC-18618 Windmill Hill Mill, Gravesend Item No date
KMGC-18630 Tower mill, Stanford Item No date
KMGC-18637 Killick's Mill, Broom Hill, Strood Item No date
KMGC-ALB-26 "Kent, A-C, Wind" File Late 20th century View
KMGC-18526 Boundgate Mill, Badlesmere, with no sweeps; appears unused Item Copy of original from c 1930
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