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'Letter from Leipzig'

60 page 'letter' sent to Wailes' wife, Enid. The letter is in the form of a diary recording Wailes' trip to the Leipzig Trade Fair. It records Wailes' impressions of his train trip through Germany, his fellow travellers and a visit to the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra.

The last ten pages record Wailes' trip north of Leipzig 'on the main Berlin road & as soon as we got out of the suburbs, there was a mill to every village we saw. Nearly all were post mills, & nearly all were the same. Patent sails, no round house tailpole with a winch on the end, straight pitched roof, vertical weatherboarding all tarred.' He comments that those mills near the main road had advertisments on their sides.

Wailes records a visit to a mill near Delitzsch where he meets the miller, Kurt Schumann, and 'took many photos, both inside and out'. There was also a visit to an unidentified tower mill, built in 1886, which Schumann described as a 'Hollandsche műhle,' which was brick-built with a fan-tail and octagonal cap. Wailes is particularly struck by the fact that it, 'had a lift instead of a chain for the sack hoist!!'.

A 'poltrok' mill at Rődgen is also visited (converted from a post mill in 1924, the original dating from 1614). Wailes comments, 'the mill is chock full of new machinery and new methods of drive, sufficient of the old being left to make it intensely interesting'.

Wailes concludes the letter, 'Must stop now. Dresden tomorrow'.

Research notes

Collection of undated research notes on:

  • an analysis of Suffolk post mills (72 pages);
  • winding gear (15 pages);
  • Robertson's windmill, Virginia (17 pages);
  • Cranbrook mill (11 pages);
  • a draft paper on the development of windmills, bearing similarity to sections of Wailes' 'Windmills in England' (published 1948) as well as a section on horse gear (24 pages);
  • drawings/tracings of mill mechanisms, particularly bell alarms and sack hoists (3 pages);
  • Suffolk windmills begining with 'W' listed at 'Place access points' below (3 cards);

Also a bundle of loose notes mostly focusing on Suffolk mills, some being undated, those that are ranging in date from 6 October 1928 to 29 April 1932.

T.B. Paisley's 'Windmill Notes'

A 'spring folio', binding together loose pages comprising 'Windmill Notes, compiled from various sources by T.B. Paisley'. The folio is divided into the following sections: 'English Windmills. Arranged by Counties' and 'Foreign Windmills' (USA and France). The folio covers the counties listed at 'Place access points below' with brief details of selected post, tower and smock mills there and the date visited.

Paisley, Thomas Brownlee (1916-1980)

Notebook - May to August 1967

A government-supplied Shorthand Notebook dated May to August 1967, containing notes from visits to a variety of industrial buildings and works throughout the UK but particularly in Somerset, Westmorland and Wales. Sites visited include breweries, foundries, rope-walks, collieries, quarries and slate, brick and granite-works. The contents are itemized on the front cover. Mills visited are listed at 'Place access points' below. Unindexed mills at Bovey Tracey, Pontlliw (referencing Penallt millstones) and Felindre, Swansea were also visited, as was the millstone quarry at Penallt, Monmouthshire.

Wailes, Reginald (1901-1986), engineer, known as Rex

Research notebook for 'Chinnor', 'Llandeusant' and 'Saughhall' mills

A repurposed Army field message book (without its cover) labelled, 'Chinnor & (contains all sketches & rough notes of) Llandeusant Mill, Anglesey, Saughall'. The contents include: a narrative description of the post mill at Chinnor, describing its post as, 'the smallest I have ever seen', notes also being made about 'Great Hazeley Mill' (7 pages); detailed notes, drawing and measurements on 'Saughall mill' following an inspection on 4 March 1933 (20 pages); intricate drawings, measurements and notes about Llanddeusant water mill (33 pages).
The notebook also contains detailed notes relating to some sort of printing or photographic process and a pinned memo to 'call at W.H. for fiddle' [a possible reference to Enid Wailes' violin].

Wailes, Reginald (1901-1986), engineer, known as Rex

Loose notes, folded together

3 pages of A4 paper, folded around 16 pages of notes taken from two smaller notebooks. Notes taken on mills in Somerset, Devon, Cornwall, Wales and Yorkshire, with more detailed notes on a windmill at 'Brill, Bucks' which is also labelled 'Wilford's mill'.

Wailes, Reginald (1901-1986), engineer, known as Rex

Pocket notebook - 1938

A small notebook measuring approx. 7 cm x 11 cm containing notes on the mills listed at 'Place access points' below, as well as a list of mills located in Rutland.

Wailes, Reginald (1901-1986), engineer, known as Rex

Pages from a loose-leaf notebook - 1926 to 1929

Assorted brief 'aide memoire' and more detailed notes on a variety of milling matters including: notes taken from books/papers and maps (e.g. 'Dynamics of Windmills' - J.A. Griffiths, the 'English Encyclopedia', 1802, Merian's 'View of London', 1638 and 'The Miller, 1900 and 1916); lists of milling journals, articles, reports and academic papers (including electricity generation); more detailed notes and drawings on the mills listed at 'Place access points' below; a June 1926 typed packing and kit list for a trip to Suffolk and expenses incurred; mileage and logbooks for a trip in June 1928 and again for Wailes' Easter trip to Anglesey in 1929; notes taken from a visit to the Sussex Archives Collection including an account of the relocation of an entire Brighton windmill in 1797; a list of Lancashire mills in working order; and an anecdote about an interaction between a miller and the King of Prussia.

Wailes, Reginald (1901-1986), engineer, known as Rex

Pocket notebook - Cambridgeshire windmills -1925

A repurposed Seandar diary for 1925 measuring 9.5 cm x 15 cm recording an 8 day tour of windmills, most of which located in Cambridgeshire. Planning notes for the trip list mills to be visited each day (as well as recommended inns in which to dine/stay).
Notes are made for the mills listed in 'Place access points' below, occasionally accompanied with dimensions and drawings. Mills which have been demolished are also recorded. A list of those mills not visited is given at the back.
Unindexed mills visited include Polton Mill, Shepreth End post mill, Great Chesterford, a tower mill at Bradley and the remains of tower mills at Chesterton, Boxworth and March.
Mills at Histon, Waterbeach, Yelling, Fen Drayton, Somersham, Warboys, Susards Farm, Madingley and St John's Highway are marked 'non-est'.

Wailes, Reginald (1901-1986), engineer, known as Rex

Pocket notebook - 1933 or later

A repurposed pocket diary for October 1933 measuring 6.5 cm x 9 cm containing notes on the mills listed at 'Place access points' below. These include more detailed notes about: the toll board and exterior cleats at Llanddeusant, Anglesey; some drawings under the heading, 'Windmills for the Generation of Electricity, Institute for Research in Agricultural Engineering, University of Oxford'; a reference to 'Parsonage Mill' at Eastbourne 'painted by Hine'; a reference to a book of photos of Eastbourne town hall showing mills in the 1870s and referencing, 'E.L.B. 50 years ago'.

Wailes, Reginald (1901-1986), engineer, known as Rex

Pocket notebook - Gayton and Ashdon mills

A small pocket notebook (measuring 7.5 cm by 11 cm) containing notes on Gayton, Ashdon and Sh[aw] Mills and notes "per Mr P. Davies" about a Mr Horton of Hythe regarding the use of sack hoist chains by his father and grandfather, W.B and J. Horton, respectively.

Wailes, Reginald (1901-1986), engineer, known as Rex

Research notebook on various mills, 1932 and 1937

A repurposed Army field message book labelled, "Tide [and] Cider Mills, Woad Cart, Sprowston" containing research notes, drawings and measurements taken from visits in 1932 to the identifiable post and tower mills listed at "Place access points" below.
The notebook also contains: 5 pages of notes extracted from "The Miller's Guide", R.R. Smith, London, William Butcher, 1875; 4 pages of notes following a visit to a cider mill at St Keynes, Cornwall, 2 July 1937; 24 pages of notes and drawings labelled, "Woad Farm, Boston, 2 August 1937"; in the rear pocket, two postcards addressed to Wailes, one of which is from H.W. Dickinson, Honorary Secretary of The Newcomen Society , referencing tide and cider mills.

Wailes, Reginald (1901-1986), engineer, known as Rex

Research notebook on various mills, 1932

A repurposed Army field message book labelled, "Various notes should be transcribed. Gt Hazely, Ramsey, Ivinghoe" and comprising research notes, drawings and measurements from visits to the identifiable mills listed at "Place access points" below. Ivinghoe is more commonly known as 'Pitstone Windmill', Wailes noting a date of 1627 carved in part of the interior.

Wailes, Reginald (1901-1986), engineer, known as Rex

Research notebook on woad cultivation and milling

A repurposed Army field message book labelled, "Woad" begins with 8 pages of notes on Willaston Mill taken on a visit on 26 October 1929. The remainder of the notebook is filled with detailed notes on woad cultivation and milling. Parson Drove Mill and Algarkirk Woad Mill both feature regularly in the notes. Visits to consult Spalding Gentlemen's Society's windmill folio and Boston Museum's woad exhibit are recorded/planned and notes are taken from a variety of books and journals including; J.B. Henry's 'The Woad Plant and its Dye' (Oxford University Press, 1930); the Agricultural Society's Journal (1917), 'Nature' Vol. 55 (1896 - 1897), 'Aunt Judy's Magazine' (1883); the Transactions of the Norfolk and Norwich Naturalists' Society; the Horticultural Society Journal Vol. 26 (1906); J. M. Bayer's 'Theatrum Machinarium Molarium'; A. Young's 'General View of the Agriculture of the County of Lincoln' (1799).

Wailes, Reginald (1901-1986), engineer, known as Rex

Photographs of UK mills

Photographs of Ovenden Mill, Willingden; Upminster Windmill, Upminster; Brixton Windmill, Brixton; Smock mill, Meopham; Grove's Mill, Coleshill.

Research notebook, 1933 to 1935

A repurposed Army field message book labelled, "Shiremark, Aythorpe Roding, Seaton Ross" containing 8 pages of an undated draft narrative about post mills and paltrok mills. The notebook also contains research notes, drawings and measurements from visits to the following mills: Shiremark Mill, Capel on 12 November 1933 (9 pages); Aythorpe Roding on 1 October 1934 (4 pages); Preston Mill, Seaton Ross on 6 April 1935 (3 pages). Lastly, a long list of 81 windmills, each with what seem to be a key feature noted against them (e.g. "Billericay - collapsed", "Bozeat - winch on tailpole"). Interspersed are notes about two, seemingly unrelated businesses: the Belden Manufacturing Co., Chicago and E.M. Denny & Co, a soft cheese processing plant.

Wailes, Reginald (1901-1986), engineer, known as Rex

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