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Jon Sass Collection

  • SASS
  • fonds
  • [20th century]-2019 (predominantly 1970-1989)

Records dating from the 20th century, predominantly the late 20th century (1960-1999), relating to windmills, watermills, and tide mills, millwrighting, and milling industries across the United States of America (predominantly Virginia, also Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, West Virginia, New York, California, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, Ohio, South Dakota, Tennessee, Vermont), Canada (Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and Alberta) and the Caribbean (Antigua, Barbados, Martinque) as well as some material on UK mills (Lincolnshire, Kent, Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Suffolk, Cambridheshire, Essex, Norfolk, Bedfordshire, Sussex, and Surrey). The North American files contain largely published material in original or photocopied form, as well as ephemera from various mills, correspondence, and research notes. Files of particular interest include SASS-03-04 on Flowerdew Hundred Plantation, SASS-03-14 containing drawings of Hershey’s cocoa melangeurs, SASS-03-20 relating to Paul Flory’s millstone collection, and SASS-03-25 containing research used in writing “The Versatile Millstone etc”.

Photographs, negatives, 35mm slides and postcards of mills in North America and the Caribbean (predominantly the late 20th century (1960-1999)) with particular interest in SASS-04-81 containing photographs and slides of Paul Flory’s millstone collection. Additionally 35mm slides of mills in the UK covering the 1960s and 1970s.

Other records include plans of windmill, watermill and tide mills in Long Island, New York, North Carolina, and Virginia.

Business records in the form of daybooks and ledgers pertaining to Reeson's Combined Mill, Hibaldstow (1902-1971) and Tickencote Watermill (1879-1956). The Hibaldstow Mill records relate to the tenure of the Reeson family owning the mill, whilst the Tickencote Mill records are less intact. Both sets provide valuable historical information into the business dealings and working period of the mills.

Sass, Jon A (b. 1942), miller and millwright