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A partially filled "Self-measuring Pocket Book" featuring drawings, measurements and calculations under the following headings: Windshafts, Proportions of Whip, Centre Box, Boss, Sweeps, Bars, Star, Fan, Fan Gearing, Towers, H.Power and Battery.

Burne, Edward Lancaster (1869-1946), engineer

Research notebook - Northamptonshire and Suffolk

A Reporters' Notebook containing:
Northants: notes taken from 'Northants Notes & Queries, New Series, Vol.4, 1912-1920' relating to: a 1609 grant by James 1 of a post mill at Kettering; the history of an unindexed tower mill (located on the site of a former post mill on Rockingham Road, Kettering) which was demolished in 1893; 18th c. maps of Kettering showing the location of various mills and a 19th c. print showing a post mill at Peterborough; also notes about the post mill at Seaton, Rutland which was demolished in 1917 as well as the nearby watermill, Henry Royce being said to have worked at both mills as a boy.
Suffolk: research notes relating to Suffolk windmills including construction dates, operational status in 1926,1939 and 1955 and including the notable features listed in 'Subject access points' below.
Windmill restoration: eight pages of draft narrative rehearsing the demise of wind and watermills since the late 19th c. and extolling the efforts of John Russell to restore and preserve Union Mill, Cranbrook. The narrative rehearses the preservation efforts made by a number of local authorities (counties listed in 'Place access points' below) arguing that it should be essential for such work to be their responsibility.
Windmills still in operation: notes running from back-to-front in the notebook listing, 'How many still in use', which are 'Workable' and 'When used and why'.

Wailes, Reginald (1901-1986), engineer, known as Rex

Research notebook for 'The Windmills of Suffolk'

Research notes on post mills (running front-to-back) and tower mills (running from back-to-front).
Post mills: topics covered include the machinery and construction methods/styles listed in 'Subject access points' below, with Suffolk examples given of each type. A list of Suffolk millwrights and Suffolk milling colloquialisms is included as well as a list of dates and inscriptions on Suffolk mills. Possible diagrams and illustrations are listed, with reference, 'to T.B.H. for drawings' [Thomas Hennell?]. Suggested photographs are listed (referencing the relevant photographer, where necessary). Sources used include 'H.O.'s notes' and 'Kenney's notes'.
Tower mills: the content includes notes on differing building materials (with Suffolk examples), giving the largest and smallest examples of each type. As with the post mills, examples of varying construction types of caps, sails and mechanisms are noted and a further list of Suffolk millwrights features, together with a list of dates/inscriptions. Tower mills with auxiliary power are also listed. A table of smock and tower mills in Suffolk, comparing their operational state (e.g. 'working', 'derelict', 'gone') in 1926 and 1939 also features.

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