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"U.S.A. - Mass Cape Cod"

"Highland Light, Truro. Eastham Mill. Bass River". Envelope containing postcards of Farris Mill, West Yarmouth, Truro Highlands Mill, Eastham Mill, Judah Baker Mill, Jonathan Young Mill, Cape Cod Massachusetts.

Sass, Jon A (b. 1942), miller and millwright

Mill Books Collection

Three albums of inserts and annotations removed from some books, their locations recorded, and placed in albums.

29 copies of milling books with annotated pages by Stephen Buckland:

Bennett and Elton, "History of Corn Milling vol. II Watermills and Windmills", 1973.
Booth, "Warwickshire Watermills", 1978.
Brunnarius, "The Windmills of Sussex", 1979.
Buckland, "Stembridge Tower Mill, High Ham" in Notes and Queries, vol. XXIX, March 1970.
Buckland, "Lee's Patent Windmill 1744-1747", 1987.
Clark, "Kentish Fire", 1974.
Coles Finch, "Watermills and Windmills", 1933.
Coulthard and Watts, "Windmills of Somerset", 1978.
Dickinson and Gomme, "A Catalogue of the Civil and Mechanical Engineering Designs 1741-1792 of John Smeaton" in Newcomen Society Extra Publication No. 5, 1950.
Dickinson, "Water Supply of Greater London", 1954.
Dolman, "Windmills in Suffolk", 1978
"The Dutch Mill Survey", 1983.
Farris and Mason, "Windmills of Surrey and London", 1966.
Harverson, "Windmills in Iran", 1993.
International Molinological Society, "Transactions of the Sixth Symposium", 1985.
Jarvis, "Stability in Windmills", 1981-1982.
Lund, "Three Mills Conservation Area", 1973.
Monson, "Windmills on Blackheath" in Transactions of the Greenwich and Lewisham Antiquarian Society, v.8, no.5, 1977.
Norwich Museums, "Henry Bright 1810-1873", 1973.
Plastow, "A History of Wimbledon & Putney Commons", 1986.
Pocklington, "Heckington Windmill", 1985.
Proceedings of the Second Mill Research Conference 1984.
Rogers, "The Newcomen Engine in the West of England", 1976.
Scientific American, August 1970.
Seaby and Smith, "Windmills in Shropshire Hereford and Worcester", 1984.
Short, "Windmills in Lambeth", 1971.
Titley, "John Smeaton's Diary of his Journey to the Low Counties" in Newcomen Society Extra Publication No. 4, 1938.
Wailes, "The English Windmill", 1954.
West, "The Windmills of Kent", 1973.
Wilcox, "The Romantic Windmill", 1993.

Stephen's Early Work

The material in this series date from the 1950s up to 1956 and includes notes, records, and transcriptions from magazines and journals on flour milling, windpower and waterpower. A record of interest is a folder from the SPAB Mills Section Watermill Conference on 18 April 1953. The folder contains watermill surveys dating 1953 and 1954 of watermills in Warwickshire, Kent and Sussex. The material is considered to be some of Stephen Buckland's earlier research material.

Buckland, John Stephen Percy (1935-2006), mill researcher

Probate of the will of Thomas Ellerby, miller and baker, Bishopwearmouth, Sunderland

2 sheets of vellum measuring approx. 63 x 54 cm (with seal), comprising probate documents reproducing the will of Thomas Ellerby, miller and baker of Bishopwearmouth, County Durham. The will and codacils included the bequest of "the steam mill and appurtenances thereto......used in the concern of Miller & Baker" as well as a foundry and numerous dwellings in the area around Bishopwearmouth and Sunderland. The will was dated 10th February 1815, with two codacils dated 16th and 18th October 1817.

Photographs of windmills in USA, Canada and Yemen

Photograph wallet containing 13 photographs and six negative strips The photographs appear to have been taken by Jon Sass of Rex Wailes' photographs. The negatives have more images than there are photographs. Windmills shown are: South Brewster Mill, Massachusetts; brine pumping mills, Aden; tower mill, Detroit, Michigan; Vercheres, Quebec; pumping mill, Mont Joly, Quebec; Trois Rivieres Mill, Quebec; five unidentified smock mills, Rhode Island.

Sass, Jon A (b. 1942), miller and millwright

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