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"Flour Mills and Insurance"

Cutting from 'The Finance Chronicle and Insurance Circular', discussing the impact of the new roller milling technology on fire risks and insurance costs. This article is continued in DUFF-SBK-002, which contains the follow-up written a month later, 2 February 1885.

The Finance Chronicle and Insurance Circular

"Flour Mills and Insurance" (continued)

Cutting from 'The Finance Chronicle and Insurance Circular', discussing the layout, machinery and processes of roller mills and their associated fire risks. This article is a continuation of DUFF-SBK-001 and DUFF-SBK-002.

The Finance Chronicle and Insurance Circular

The Insurance News 1886

The first cutting is an article in The Insurance News showing correspondence to the editor regarding corn mill fires, detailing the costs of damages and the most common times and causes for fires. The second cutting details the success of the burial fund business Prudential Assurance Company Limited.

The Insurance News

Ranks/Clarence Mill, Hull

View labelled 'Ranks Mill 1892'. Believed to be Ranks flour mill now known as Clarence Mill, built in the 1890's. The mill was largely destroyed in WWII and was then rebuilt. It closed in 2005 and was demolished.

"Abbey Mills, Knaresbro'"

2 cuttings, believed to be from Milling, about Abbey Mill, Knaresborough; one an article describing the area around the mill, its history, and the upgrade to roller milling technology, the other a picture of the mill.


Various articles and adverts

The first cutting is a continuation of DUFF-SBK-034, describing the cyclo-pneumatic system used at the Snowdon Flake Flour Mills. The next cutting is a picture of Audley Corn Mills, Blackburn. Kimmins Mill in Chatham is discussed in the next cutting. On the reverse of this article is a series of adverts for various roller mills and machinery. The final cutting is an article on Messrs T Hallinan & Sons mills at Fermoy and Middleton, Co Cork.


The Flour Mill, Selby

This copy of the postcard bears a 1/2d stamp. The postage rate for postcards rose to 1d in 1918, so the image presumably does not date from later than that year.

Bramley, postcard publishers, Cross Gates, Leeds

Bill of Quantities

Titled 'Bill of Quantities of the several works and materials required in the additions and alterations to a Mill at Whitley Bridge, R86, Yorkshire for Messrs John Croysdale & Sons Ltd.' Instructions for submitting tenders for the works are specified on the title page. Produced by J.W.Bennett, Surveyors, W.Manchester. Entirely hand written.
Three pages of general notes and preliminary items are followed by detailed specifications for the various trades; Excavation & drainage, Bricklayers, Concretors, Masons, Carpenters & Joiners, Ironfounder, Slater, Plunber & Glazier. Each specified item has a value pencilled against it

J W Bennett, surveyors

"The Mills of Messrs. Hudson, Ward and Co., Goole"

One cutting is from 1907 article in The Miller, detailing a new "Alphega" system of pneumatic scalping used at Messrs Hudson, Ward & Co's roller mill in Goole. The other cutting is from The Miller in 1930, detailing a fire at the mill in Goole, causing £1000 of damage.

The Miller

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