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"Vic puts wind into old mill's sweeps"

Cutting from 'Observer' of an article by Kevin Smith describing efforts by Vic May to restore Barnham Mill in order to preserve some heritage in West Sussex. As part of his fundraising, Mr. May applied for a grant from the EC's Commission of Historical and Architectural Heritage.

"The miller's tale"

Cutting from 'Evening Argus' of an article by Sue Bishop describing efforts by Caleb Newnham's family to restore his old post mill in East Sussex. The East Sussex County Council provided funding for the restoration, and a Manpower Services Commission provided some of the labour.

Restoration efforts at Salvington Mill

Cutting from 'Herald' describing the various problems and restoration efforts carried out at Salvington mill. The Worthing Borough Council eventually bought the mill to begin repairs to it in earnest.

"Winds of change..."

Cutting from 'Herald' of an article by Jocelyn Hollebone describing the successful restoration efforts at Salvington Mill. The parties involved in the repairs were the West Sussex County Council and the Friends of High Salvington Mill. The article also recalls past problems at the mill and Worthing Borough Council's effort to restore it, as well as the formation of the Salvington Mill Trust, who would be responsible for the mill's complete restoration.

"Mill rescue operation"

Cutting from 'The Post' of an article describing the restoration efforts at Nyetimber mill. The working machinery from the mill was rescued by a team from the Singleton Weald and Downland Open Air Museum, and museum director Chris Zeuner aimed to use it for restoration of the mill. A brief history of the mill is provided, including a record of one of its early millers being William Adams, and the article also mentions a fire at the mill on 14 June 1962.

Smuggler's hiding places in mills

Cutting from an unknown source of a drawing and brief description by James E. Martin illustrating a smuggler's possible hiding place at the watermill on Bailey's Farm in Coolham.

"Old Broadwater Mill memories"

Cutting from 'Worthing Gazette' of an entry by Mrs. H. S. Bone thanking the editor of the Gazette for an article related to Broadwater Mill. In it she mentions her grandfather, the late Charles Carter, was the millwright.

"Jack and Jill are up the hill"

Cutting from 'Financial Times' of an article by Jenny Luesby describing the history of the Jack and Jill windmills in Sussex and the involvement of local Simon Potter in their upkeep. The article provides details such as dates the mills were built, the formation of the Jack and Jill Windmill Society for the Preservation of Jill, awards won by the society, and briefly mentions a fire at Jill and repair efforts thereafter.

"Old Jack gets his wind back"

Cutting from 'The Sunday Times' of an article describing efforts to restore the Jack windmill in Clayton by Universal Pictures in preparation for filming a movie starring Michael Caine. Millwrights Edwin and Anthony Hole were charged with the repair operation. The article gives a brief history of both Jack and Jill.

"A model windmill"

Cutting from 'West Sussex Gazette' describing the building of a model windmill by Mr. Archibald Palmer, modeled on old Avisford mill. The article gives a brief history of Avisford mill, including various millers who were responsible for running it over the years.

Opening of milling museum at Polegate Windmill

Cutting from 'Sussex Express and County Herald' about the opening of a milling museum at the Polegate Windmill. The opening was carried out by Rex Wailes, and the article also mentions a model windmill, made by Mr. Frank Gregory, as an exhibit of particular interest.


Cutting from 'The Herald' of an article by Henfrey Smail describing the restoration efforts on windmills in Sussex according to recommendations made by the County Planning Committee of West Sussex County Council. This article focuses on the history of Heene Mill, formerly known as Heind Mille, and gives an outline of its history and ownership.

"Millstones in a Dutch garden"

Cutting from 'The Herald' of an article by Henfrey Smail detailing the history of Heene Mill and Worthing Mill in Sussex. The article concludes the history of Heene Mill (see CUTT-00088) and outlines its different functions and owners. It also includes a history of Worthing Mill.

"Election threat to shopkeepers"

Cutting from 'The Herald' of an article by Henfrey Smail detailing the history of the Navarino Mills in Sussex. The article gives some background on Worthing political procedure, and also goes over a history of the mills, including ownership and millwrights who worked there.

"Tribe's folly and the mill without a name"

Cutting from 'The Herald' of an article by Henfrey Smail detailing the history of the Brougham-road and Broadwater mills. The article gives a history of the mills, including the fact that the actual name of Brougham-road mill is not known. It also gives details of the mills' ownership and their various functions in the local community.

"Worthing's last windmill"

Cutting from 'The Herald' of an article by Henfrey Smail detailing the history of the Broadwater mill in Worthing, including its ownership and eventual ruin. The article then continues on to describe Salvington mill, again going over its history, ownership, and technical role.

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