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"Health is the mill's business"

Cutting from 'Argus' describing the growing trend towards a healthier, more environmentally-friendly lifestyle and how people are turning more towards 'health foods'. The article goes over the benefits of this trend to Mr. Bernard Lynwood, a miller at Dean's water mill in Lindfield, which produces organic flour. It also includes some technical details about running the mill.

"The old mills by the stream..."

Cutting from 'Evening News' describing a meeting to be held at Dean's Mill in Lindfield, called by the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings to discuss the future of water mills. The article mentions that although many of the mills have been repurposed, Dean's Mill is still used for its original purpose of flour-making.

"Old mill to turn again"

Cutting from 'Argus' describing the efforts to dismantle Lurgashall watermill near Petworth and re-erect it in the Open Air Museum at Singleton. The article mentions that the mill was offered to the Museum by the Leconfield Estate Company, and also provides some technical details about the project.

"Bygone days recalled by miller's daughter"

Cutting from 'West Sussex Gazette' of an article by Phyllis Catt, daughter of John Gwillim, a miller at North Mill at Midhurst. The article goes over Mrs. Catt's memories of growing up at the mill and her father's role as a miller there.

Obituary for miller Gordon Gwillim

Cutting from 'West Sussex Gazette' of an obituary for Mr. Gordon Maxfield Gwillim, the miller of Coultershaw Mill in Petworth. The obituary includes some details of Mr. Gwillim's life, and his work at the mill after taking it over from his father, John Gwillim.

"Anglers may save the old mill"

Cutting from 'Argus' detailing the possible purchase of Rowner Mill by the Fine Fishers Club from the West Sussex River Board. Mr. Philip Pickering, the club's curator, revealed that there were plans to lease the mill and convert it into a clubhouse. The article also provides a brief history of the mill.


Correspondence from readers regarding different mills. The first on this cutting is a submission by F. H. Hughes lamenting the demolition of Rowner Mill, and expressing an interest in learning more about the Ifield and West Chiltington mills. The second submission is by Margaret Holt, correcting details on a previous article that had appeared on Ifield Mills.

"Rowner Mill"

Cutting from 'West Sussex Gazette' of a submission by A. F. Woolridge detailing his grandfather George Baverstock's involvement as a miller at Rowner Mill.

"Rowner Mill"

Cutting from an unknown source of a submission by Leonard Ford containing details of his family's involvement at Rowner Mill in Sussex. The cutting also includes Mr. Ford's regret of the West Sussex River Board's decision to demolish the mill.

"Home for a Venetian?"

Cutting from an unknown source describing an appeal by the West Sussex River Board to Mr. John Jefferson, the County Planning Officer, to preserve Rowner Mill. The article mentions the opposition by the general public on the mill's demolition, and also mentions the cost of repairs,.

"Historic mill to be demolished"

Cutting from an unknown source of an article by Henry Bate describing the decision to demolish Rowner Mill near Billingshurst by the West Sussex River Board. The article mentions that repairs to the mill were found to be too expensive, but also recognizes that locals were upset with councils for their lack of effort to preserve the mill.

"Old mill will create employment"

Cutting from 'West Sussex Gazette' describing employment opportunities created by the re-erection of a watermill at the Singleton open air museum. Museum director Chris Zeuner supplies details of the job, and a few details of the mill's history are also provided.

"The old water mill - and the new"

Cutting from 'Sussex Express' describing operations at Speldhurst Mill. The article describes some of the technical aspects of the mill, as told by millwright Cyril Harmer, and also includes a brief history of the mill.

"The council wait for a proposition"

Cutting from 'Evening Argus' describing an appeal for preservation of Rowner Mill. The article mentions ownership of the mill by the West Sussex River Board, but elaborates that unless ownership was transferred to an organisation that would be responsible for upkeep, the mill would likely be demolished.

"Three centuries pass by... but little has changed at the mill"

Cutting from 'The Courier' describing production of animal feed by Bradley Speldhurst Ltd. at Speldhurst Mill. The article describes some technical aspects of the process and goes over how the mill has been updated to include modern machinery in the production, as well as preserve historical aspects of the mill.

Terwick mill for sale

Cutting from 'West Sussex Gazette' written by John Richards of a property listing for Terwick Mill at Trotton. The listing briefly lists the qualities of the property and includes a short history of the mill.

"Fine property angling for your attention"

Cutting from 'West Sussex Gazette and South of England Advertiser' of a property listing for Terwick Mill at Trotton. The listing goes into a detailed description of the interior of the property and quality of the surrounding area.

"Sold... to Miss Leigh, this 100-acre retreat in the country"

Cutting from an unknown source of an article by Paul Tanfield describing the purchase of Tickerage Mill by actress Vivien Leigh. The article mentions some previous owners of the mill, including Kenneth Letts and Ronald Armstrong-Jones, and also gives an account of some aspects of Leigh's personal life.

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