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Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
REXW-25169 View from pond, Ringle Crouch Green Mill, Sandhurst Item No date
REXW-25171 View across field, Ringle Crouch Green Mill, Sandhurst Item October 1935
REXW-25173 Town Mill, Mill Wall, Sandwich, with man on path Item No date
REXW-25174 Two mills on Mill Wall Item No date
REXW-25175 White Mill, Sandwich, with two midlings and no fantail Item 1962
REXW-25176 White Mill, Sandwich, viewed from the road Item No date
REXW-25179 Millstone furniture and bell alarm, White Mill, Sandwich Item 1952
REXW-25230 Smock mill, Sarre, with no sweeps Item No date
REXW-25231 Smock mill, Sarre Item No date
REXW-25233 Piers, crosstrees and quarterbars, Shottenden or Perry Wood Mill, Selling Item No date
REXW-25234 Shottenden or Perry Wood Mill, Selling, derelict Item No date
REXW-25238 Crampton's Mill, Sissinghurst, Cranbrook, with damaged fantail and sweeps Item No date
REXW-25244 West Mill, Smarden Item 1927
REXW-25247 West Mill, Smarden Item No date
REXW-25250 View across river, East Mill, Smarden Item 1927
REXW-25253 East Mill, Smarden Item No date
REXW-25256 Tower mill, Stanford Item c 1860
REXW-25262 Tower mill, Stanford Item No date
REXW-25264 Tower mill, Stanford, with buildings Item No date
REXW-25265 Tower mill, Stanford, with building Item 1952
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