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"The Old Windmills"

Cutting from "Peterborough Advertiser" says "Prominent landmarks in the Fens around Warboys are the three old mills situated on the outskirts of the village". Two of these mills no longer exist.

"Fen Landmark disappears"

Cutting from "Peterborough Advertiser" stating that the windmill "was visible for miles". It was built in 1857 and originally drained the district when wind power was in vogue.


Cutting from "The Times". Mr H K Bryant makes reference to the letter to this newspaper dated 13 June from the SPAB, "RE. WINDMILLS". He says the post mill at Alconbury is more than 200 years old. When used the "whole buil...

"Olla Podrida"

Cutting from "Peterborough Advertiser". The Ellington mill has been re-erected to replace the Old mill at Madingley which collapsed many years ago.

"Power - Past and Present"

Cutting from "Peterborough Advertiser" displays a picture of Ellington Old Mill adjacent to pylon supplying electricity to the National Grid. Thus the caption "Power - Past and Present".

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