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Grain measures

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Grain measures

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Grain measures

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Half gallon measure

A half gallon measure, 11 cm deep, 19 cm in diameter and 61 cm in circumference. Markings on the outside read "G2R 15" with the coat of arms of the City of London, "O & M 1915" and "Imperial Measure Half Gallon". Markings inside on the base read "G2R".

As well as the markings on the middle outside, there are burnt marks on the wood just in front of the metal strip on the RHS which shows O & M with 1915 underneath

in the middle, under the crown is GR and a coat of arms and 15
this refers to George V the shield denotes the City of London

Unknown creator

Grain measure

Used as a quick measure for the specific weight of wheat at the Yorkshire Ideal Flour Mill, Selby, Yorkshire. The stamp indicates that it was officially validated as having the capacity of one quart in London in 1933.

William R Dell and Son