Glass Plate Negatives Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
JSPB-GPN-A-003 Windshaft, break and tail wheels sitting on the ground, Glyndebourne Mill, Ringmer Item October 1925
JSPB-GPN-A-004 Bodle Street Green Mill, Warbleton Item 1925
JSPB-GPN-A-007 Hollow-post mill, Mitcham Common Item No date
JSPB-GPN-A-010 Walter's Mill, Mark Cross, on fire Item Copy of photograph taken July 1911
JSPB-GPN-A-014 Walter's Mill, Mark Cross Item 1906
JSPB-GPN-A-023 Tower mill, Eastham, with no sails Item
JSPB-GPN-B-001 Staplecross Mill, Ewhurst, in some disrepair Item 1948
JSPB-GPN-B-005 Post mill, Madingley Item 3 June 1936
JSPB-GPN-B-006 Post mill, Fenstanton, derelict Item No date
JSPB-GPN-B-013 Tower mill, Over Item 1926
JSPB-GPN-B-017 Exterior view of tower only, Easton Mill Item 1939
JSPB-GPN-B-018 View from road, Impington Mill, Histon and Impington Item 1929
JSPB-GPN-B-021 Verton tower mill - exterior Item 1949
JSPB-GPN-B-025 King's Mill, Shipley Item 1928
JSPB-GPN-B-032 Cross sectional drawing Item c 1912
JSPB-GPN-C-002 Interior Item No date
JSPB-GPN-C-006 Interior view of stones Item No date
JSPB-GPN-C-008 Smock mill, West Blatchington Item 1925
JSPB-GPN-C-010 South Marsh Mill, Arundel, with no sails Item 1928
JSPB-GPN-C-016 St John's Mill, Eastbourne, with no sails Item 1925
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