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Geoff Abbott windmill slides

  • ABBO
  • Collection
  • 1960s - 1970s

Images of windmills in England, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Abbott, Geoff

"Der Retter der Windmuehlen"

Article in a German craftworkers' paper 'JOURNAL ALTES HANDWORK' about Wolfgang Basner who restores old windmills all over northern Germany, and had recently built a new mill from scratch. The full article by Andrew Cole is too large to scan in effectively, so only a portion is shown.

"Last water-windmill"

Note in the 'Birmingham Evening Despatch' that the last of Germany's water-windmills [sic] at Huemmling in Hanover is too far gone to be preserved and will shortly be knocked down.

"Dybbol Mill restored"

Photo in a multi-language illustrated magazine showing the mill at Dybbol in Schleswig-Holstein in which had twice been damaged in the wars but now was restored to splendid condition .

"The 'Salisbury Plain' of Germany"

Photograph from 'The Evening News' showing a Wehrmacht field gun crew taking part in the annual German Army exercises on Luneberg Heath near Hanove, with a typical smock[?] mill behind.

"Sterbende Windmuehlen"

Article [in German] from the Technical Reports in the Weekly Section of the 'Deutschen Bergwerks Zeitung', recording the problem over the cessation in the use of wind power.

Michael Dudley Collection

  • DUDL
  • Collection
  • 1994-2004

Photographs of 597 English windmills (with digital copies), 23 Scottish windmills and mills elsewhere in the world. Digital files relating to Broad Eye Windmill, Stafford.

Dudley, Michael

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