Geoff Holman Collection Inventory list

Identifier Title Sort ascending Level of description Date Digital object
HOLM-04-HB039 12-17 Upper Bridge Street Item June 1963
HOLM-05-01-02 35mm slide of a combine harvester and Black Mill, Barham Item 20th century
HOLM-05-01-03 35mm slide of Black Mill, Barham, with sheep in the foreground Item 20th century
HOLM-07 35mm slides Series 1960s-1980s
HOLM-01-06 Account of Mrs C Holman in association with Holman and Collard Item 1869-1885
HOLM-03-12 Advertisement for potato sorter Item Early 20th century
HOLM-03-11 Advertisments for harvesting machines Item Early 20th century
HOLM-04-HB060 Agricultural engineers group visit to R A Lister and Co. Item 27 April 1938
HOLM-03 Agricultural trade catalogues Series 19th - 20th century
HOLM-03-15 "Amanco farm help" Item September 1915
HOLM-01-12 Appraiser's and house agent's licence to Harry Branford Holman Item 6 April 1909
HOLM-01-05 Article on Montefiore Windmill, Jerusalem Item 18 December 1858 (later copy)
HOLM-04-HB208 Ashford Electricity Item August 1926
HOLM-04-HB149 Aveling Threshing machine (photograph of engraving) Item Mid 20th century
HOLM-04-HB220 'Aveling's Patent Locomotive Steam Thrashing Machine' drawing Item No date
HOLM-07-68 Base of a tower mill Item Late 20th century
HOLM-07-74 Base of a tower mill Item Late 20th century
HOLM-05-07-01 Beacon Hill, near Rolvenden Item April 1972
HOLM-04-HB072 Bert Cook at lathe Item Early/mid 20th century
HOLM-01-11 Bill for plough parts Item 31 December 1907
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