Geoff Holman Collection Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
HOLM-01-18 Tracing of plan of Holman premises Item 13 August 1942
HOLM-01-25 Letter from former inhabitant of Canterbury Item 8 January 1993
HOLM-02 Copies of Holman Brothers records Series 20th/21st century copies of originals from 1838-1895
HOLM-02-06 Estimates book F Item Late 20th century/2000s (copy of original from 1866-1880) View
HOLM-03-03 "Instruction book for the Humphries threshing machine (Model SFA1)" Item Mid 20th century
HOLM-03-04 "Instructions for working the Steam Thrashing Machines" Item Mid 20th century
HOLM-03-05 "Tractor ploughs and implements" Item 1940-1946
HOLM-03-13 "Invicta counter pressure bottling machine: price list of repair parts" Item Early 20th century
HOLM-03-14 "Eureka Turnip Thinner" Item c 1902
HOLM-03-17 "McLaren's patent diesel oil engined cable tackle" Item Early/mid 20th century
HOLM-03-22 "Discers" Item Early/mid 20th century
HOLM-03-24 "Erection Instructions for Ruston Horizontal Oil Engines" Item Early/mid 20th century
HOLM-03-25 "Instructions and Useful Information regarding the Ruston Fuel Distributor" Item Early/mid 20th century
HOLM-04-HB007 Harry Branford Holman in his car Item Early 20th century (and later copy)
HOLM-04-HB008 Steam engine at Kent County Show Item 1931 (and later copy)
HOLM-04-HB013 Holman offices, 13 Dover Street, with early tractor Item ? 1930s
HOLM-04-HB031 Threshing gang at Bekesbourne Item Early 20th century
HOLM-04-HB033 Threshing gang Item Early 20th century (and later copy)
HOLM-04-HB034 Thomas Richard Holman as an apprentice at Ruston and Hornsby, Lincoln Item Between 1926 and 1931
HOLM-04-HB035 Rear entrance of Dover Street yard Item Early/mid 20th century
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