Geoff Holman Collection Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
HOLM-05-05-03 Davison's Mill, Stelling Minnis Item November 1985
HOLM-05-05-05 Davison's Mill, Stelling Minnis Item 20th century
HOLM-05-06-03 Model of Montefiore Windmill, Jerusalem Item Late 20th century
HOLM-05-06-11 Jerusalem Mill, Jerusalem Item 1991
HOLM-05-06-12 Model of Jerusalem mill Item Late 20th century
HOLM-05-06-13 Jerusalem Mill, Jerusalem, with two women posing at the bottom Item 2009
HOLM-05-06-16 Jerusalem Mill, Jerusalem Item 2009
HOLM-05-06-17 Jerusalem Mill, Jerusalem Item 2009
HOLM-05-08-04 Union Mill, Cranbrook Item April 1972
HOLM-05-08-07 Union Mill, Cranbrook, from crossroads Item April 1993
HOLM-05-09-01 Old Mill, Hawkinge Item 4 June 1933
HOLM-05-09-02 Smock mill, Herne Item August 1999
HOLM-05-10-02 Post mill, Rolvenden Item April 1972
HOLM-05-12 Kent windmills - W File 1993, 1999
HOLM-06-02-01 Watermill at Thurnham, Bearstead Item August 1967
HOLM-06-04-01 Haxted Watermill, Lingfield Item July 1992
HOLM-06-04-02 Haxted watermill, Lingfield Item 20th century
HOLM-06-05 Watermills - H File 20th century
HOLM-06-08-02 Turning ends of shaft, Speldhurst Item 1973
HOLM-06-08-03 Old shaft, Speldhurst Item 1973
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