Geoff Holman Collection Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
HOLM-07-70 Brake wheel and cast windshaft, Stracey Arms Mill, Norfolk Item September 1975
HOLM-07-75 Oil mill showing waterwheel and stamps Item Late 20th century
HOLM-13-01 Geoff Holman's CV Item c 2000 View
HOLM-01 Holman Brothers records Series 1869-1993
HOLM-01-01 Ledger Item 1869-1875
HOLM-01-03 Saturday Wage Book Item 11 September 1876 - 28 February 1880
HOLM-01-04 Saturday Wage Book Item 17 December 1898 - 25 May 1901
HOLM-01-07 List of expenditure in adding to and improving premises and plant Item 1885-1890
HOLM-01-10 Holman headed paper with notes Item 1900s-1910s
HOLM-01-15 Diagram of crane Item Early 20th century
HOLM-01-19 Site plan of proposed workshop building in Dover Street Item 1954
HOLM-01-23 Catalogue of auction of Holman Brothers plant and machinery Item 3 April 1975
HOLM-01-26 Photocopies of map of Canterbury with Holman Brothers premises marked Item No date
HOLM-02-02 Memo book A Item Late 20th century/2000s (copy of original from 1869-1880) View
HOLM-02-07 List of contents of Holman Brothers' notebooks Item 20th century
HOLM-02-08 Photocopied documents Item Late 20th century/2000s (copies of originals from 1838-1887 )
HOLM-02-11 List of contents of Holman Brothers' notebooks Item 2000s View
HOLM-03 Agricultural trade catalogues Series 19th - 20th century
HOLM-03-07 "Triumph Clover Huller" Item Early 20th century
HOLM-03-08 "Petrol, petrol-paraffin, oil engines; pumps and pumping plants, boiler etc." Item February 1941
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